A/N: It's not my best. Please someone give me some advice on this.


You can't blame me,
not anymore.
It's not a matter of sympathy.
You are lost to me.
Was I not good enough?
Does is sincerely pain you?
Selfish, leaving me in this
inescapable darkness.
As I grow I see the signs,
the resemblance.
Slowly I become you,
in the mirrors, on my face.
She has turned against me.
Without even a whisper,
I cause her to cry,
scream and mutilate.
Burying my face into my knees
doesn't work anymore,
I am not a child.
Selfish, why did you leave us?
I hope where you are,
you are rotting.
When you comeback you will see
a better man,
a better person.