A lonely person sat alone, staring at the stars
With the wishing well a bit too far
She silently wished with her broken heart
For something to give her hope a spark.

All she wanted was maybe a friend or two
A person she could tell secrets and smile
Just to make everything seem worthwhile
But she sits alone, rejected and sad.

Her friends are off playing and having a great time
While a lonely little angel, holding back wanting to cry
She wanted to play as well and be able to laugh
Perhaps draw a bunch of X's on a paper and pretend its a map.

But nobody wanted to play with the poor little girl
She hugged her knees as tight as can be, all alone
Nobody bothered to see if she was okay or if she was hurt
All she wanted to do now, was go back home.. if she could

A lonely soul sat on the end of a large rock
Her life ticking away with the sound of a clock
She looked around, with not a friend in sight..
Knowing it would be another lonely night..