At night I have trouble falling asleep
Always hoping reality could be a dream
I don't want to wake up in this forsaken place
Knowing I can no longer see your smiling face.

I had gotten the news, almost out of the blue
I prayed and prayed, that it wasn't true.
You still had so much left you wanted to do
But your husband and family misses you.

I now close my emotions off on that date
Where you had encountered someone's fate
But right now, you're safe from harm above
And remember, you'll always be loved.

I'm not sure why you had to go
There's still so much I just don't know..
You were a good aunt to me..
I hope I can grow up to where I need to be.

I miss you and I wish you were still here..
So you could chase away all the fears..
But I have a question I'm struggling with inside..
Why.. why did you have to die?

RIP Aunt Tonya.. 3