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"Looks like the party's in full swing!" laughed Jason, eyes twinkling.

"Don't get too excited- you're stuck with me all night." I smiled evilly.

Jason had only gotten me to come with the promise of staying by my side all night. It was a senior party, and the two of us were just lowly sophomores. Don't get me wrong, I'd been to tons of parties before- but this one was by far the biggest.

My suspicions were confirmed as soon as we stepped through the door.

Older, slutty-looking girls giggled and waltzed around in packs of six and seven. A group of guys in one corner were taking turns drinking from beer bottles, in another corner guys were sniffing white powder- coke. Couples in the middle grinded and kissed.

I gripped Jason's arm subtly, but he got the hint.

"Let's go sit."

I nodded and we made our way to the brown couch.

"But first..." Jason said to me before we sat, "Let's go get some drinks. And don't worry, Miss Designated Driver, they have normal stuff."

As he sat down at the bar, taking a swig of beer, he gave me a joking smile. "Want to dance?"

I snorted. "You're going to have to try harder than that to feel me up."

"Damn," Jason mock-cursed. "What can I say, Danielle? That dress... looks really good."

I rolled my eyes. I was wearing a white minidress that was pretty low-cut, but it still made me more decent than a few other girls, who looked as if they were wearing string bikinis. They probably were.

"You don't need to drink," I muttered, "You're already too confidant."

Jason winked and took another big gulp.

This was how we operated- flirting, banter, me pretending to shoot him down. He was devilishly charming. Which was why I'd come to have a large crush on him. But he probably saw himself as nothing more than a big brother figure, even though we're the same age.

Within an hour, Jason was drunk. Even I'd had a little bit of champagne, though it was followed with glasses and glasses of water.

"Danieeeeeelle," Jason smiled at me, drunk but somewhat steady. "Let's go check out the game room!"

I frowned. "Game room?"

But he was already halfway through the room, walking surprisingly at ease for being as wasted as he was.

I sighed. Jason was one of my best friends in the world, but I was more responsible- and that was a scary thought.

So I followed him up the stairs, and saw a single open door at the end of the hallway.

"Danieeeeelle," came the voice from the open door.

I made my way to it, but stopped short halfway through. This was no game room. There were no Ping-Pong tables or even board games- just a white bed and white furniture.

The door behind me closed. Whirling around, I caught sight of a grinning Jason.

"This isn't the game room."

"Why, Danielle, of course it isn't. How would that make sense?"

In a second, the lock clicked and Jason lunged at me. He grabbed my waist, trapping my arms. Before I knew it, I was on the bed, his strong body on top of me.

"No! Please! Stop!" For the first time in my life, I was scared of him.

"Shut up!" He snarled in a tone he never used with me.

"Stop! HELP M-" His lips were roughly on mine, cutting me off. Tears blurred my vision and flowed over my cheeks as he ripped off my dress.

"Madison?" I whispered into my phone.

"Danielle? What's up?"

"You know that party I went to with Jason? Well, something awful happened. Meet me at my house in ten?"

"Uh, yeah, sure." Madison knew I wouldn't ask her to meet me at eleven PM on a Saturday unless it was an emergency.

"Bye." I hung up and turned to Mario- a mutual friend of me and Jason's.

"I'll drive him home," Mario said, then hesitated, before asking, "Are you... okay?"

"Yeah. Jason was just drunk and... We got into a fight. I just really need to vent to Mads right now," I lied, before putting on my best fake smile.

"Well, don't worry. I'll make sure that he's safe and has a few Advils in his system when I take him home."

"Thanks, Mario," I smiled, feeling a surge of gratitude. At least I don't have to drive my rapist home.

Then I blinked harshly, feeling as if someone had punched me in the gut. I'd thought of Jason as tons of things- friend, crush, school partner. But never rapist.

"I'll see you at school, Mario."

"See you, Danielle."

I turned and left, feeling numb as I wove through a maze of empty cars. I found mine, opened the door, and slid in.

Then I started sobbing.

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