In my nightmare, Jason was chasing me through a forest. A silver mist obscured my view, and I couldn't see how close he was to me.

As I tripped over and over, my long white dress, tattered and muddy, caught on a tree branch.

I felt a sense of desperation as I hopelessly pulled at the fabric.

"Why, Danielle, that dress looks... really good." Jason was standing only a yard away from me, a dark, evil glint in his eyes that I'd never seen before.

My eyes widened in horror as I realized, with a shiver, that those were the same chilling words he had said only hours ago.

"Now..." He started towards me, and I screamed.

My eyes popped open.

Madison was standing over me, her eyes full of concern.

We were in my purple bedroom, alone, with sunlight streaming cheerfully through the window. No Jason. No silver fog. Just us.

"What time is it?"

"Ten. Your parents are at church, I told them you were sick."

I nodded. That worked out perfectly, because I didn't have the heart to act normal when I felt so... broken.

"Danielle?" Madison's voice was soft, but I avoided eye contact. "This isn't your fault. It's Jason's."

Tears started to blur my vision, making my blue-and-purple comforter look just blue. I looked up, and studied Madison's face.

She was always pretty, even on the day we met in sixth grade. She was mixed, and had flawless skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair that was perfectly wavy. Her face had morphed into a mask of sympathy- head slightly cocked, eyes burning compassion, lips slightly pursed.

"Let's have breakfast," I managed, turning away from her to get out of bed.

I needed to move before I broke down completely.

Jason's POV

I woke up on top of a pile of blankets on my bed the next morning.

Man, last night must have been a rager, I thought in satisfaction.

I couldn't remember much- there was a black void, like someone had grabbed a hold of my memory and cut most of the night away with safety scissors. All I could remember was asking Danielle to dance, and then... nothing.


Obviously she had taken care of me, and I wondered how many drunk guys she had dealt with before, since she seamed to know what she was doing.

I saw a flash- Danielle, at the party, frowning at me and asking about a game room while I stumbled towards the stairs.

Then it was gone. I glared at the ceiling, trying to remember what happened next. The Stephan's, whose son was the party host, didn't have a game room. I barely knew anything about the house, so why had I been convinced that she urgently needed to check out some nonexistent room?

Whatever, I thought.

But even as I stood up and took a few tentative steps forward, I felt like something was... plaguing me. Something was definitely wrong.

I thought about going to Danielle's house to ask her what had happened.

I shrugged off the idea- I could ask her at school. Besides, she was probably at church.

The next day, I waited for lunch. That was the only appropriate time to ask her.

But when I saw a few male eyes appreciatively trail to a figure, I knew she was approaching.

Our school's cafeteria is weird- they have five rows of tables, with two tables each. Usually, groups squeeze into one table and ignore the group next to them.

Me and Danielle are like the connectors of our separate groups. Our groups interact and are somewhat friends, but they'd quickly ignore each other if we weren't there.

I looked up and saw her familiar face. I couldn't help but smile- I knew almost everything about her, from her confidant walk to her I-see-my-friends smile.

Madison, her second-in-command, of sorts, grinned and scooted over so Danielle could sit where she always did, between her and me.

Suddenly, before Danielle sat, she looked down at her seat. The smile dropped off of her face. She glanced to Madison, who seemed to understand.

Madison quickly scooted over again, so that Danielle could be between her and Andrea.

Madison shot me a sharp, hateful glare, and then the group ignored me.

Well. That was weird.

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