Anxiety & Insecurity

Aiden Rose

Too many voices in my head,

Following me all day,

Waiting in my bed.

They tell me of things I already know,

Taking my thoughts places

I don't want them to go.

They're always there,

In the back of my mind,

No matter what I do

I just can't leave them behind.

As they fight to get out,

I wear a well-rehearsed smile

And pretend everything is alright,

But I'm breaking all the while.

I wrote this in math class (a common place for the 'voices' to lurk) and finally got around to typing it up. I was kind of hesitant to post this one, just 'cause I do my best to make sure they don't know how much it all messes with my head, but for some stupid reason I'm doing it anyway. Constructive criticism is always welcome and encouraged (but like I mentioned, it's kinda personal, so try to be gentle and I'll gladly hear you out). Flames will be used to make s'mores. ~Aiden