The room fell silent. Everyone didn't seem to know how to take this news, a girl who is lost is looking for her fiancé.

"Are you sure he didn't run away." Scott suddenly piqued.

"He did not; we were separated a long time ago." I snapped.

"And you just now are looking for him?" Thierry asked.

"I couldn't before; I was in a complicated situation."

"We don't exactly have time to be searching for long lost lovers." The man with glasses said.

"He wasn't my lover, he was my best friend!" I snapped on him. "You have to help me. He may be the only other survivor!"

"Survivor? What are you talking about?"

I visibly withdrew, unsure how to explain this without letting up on my identity, "My entire village was massacred."

There was silence, and I could almost feel the buildup of questions.

"How did you survive?"

"I can't say."

"Why was your village massacred?"

"I can't say."

"How do you know if he's still alive or not if you were separated during this? He could very well be dead." This came from the quite, dark man on the other side.

I gritted my teeth. "I refuse to believe that. I won't believe that he died that night unless I have proof."

"That should be the first place we check." The kind man at the top of the table said.

"What?" I looked over at him in surprise.

"The first place we should check is your village, where everyone was massacred."

The thought of going to see what remained terrified me, yet I knew that one day I would've gone back to had been my home.

I bowed my head for a moment, closing my eyes against the fresh wave of pain and took a shuddering breath before looking back up. "Alright...but what if there are no remains left to prove that he...he died there." Those three words fought against my very existence, my heart throwing them away and my mind shuddering from this knowledge. My body itself seemed to crumble around the prospect.

"How long ago was it?"

"Seven years ago."

The red head blinked in shock. "Hey, I heard of that massacre. But that was for the belief that they were killing a bunch of demons. Your village was the one they were talking about?"

I hesitated, then slowly nodded. I had been trying to avoid this direction of conversation.

"So what, are you a demon?" The boy asked me.

I pulled on my best act and raised my eyebrows. "You guys believe in demons?"

"Well...not exactly." The boy admitted sheepishly. "I always thought it was a crazy myth that drove the humans crazy."

"When you hear demon what do you imagine?"

" eyes," Scott said nonchalantly, "Something not human obviously."

I gestured to myself. "Do I look like a demon?"

"No." Thierry said and then sighed. "So they killed a bunch of innocent people."

I didn't respond to this, hoping that he was talking to himself more then to me.

"This still leaves the question on how you got away."

"And then we leave off back to where 'I can't say'."

"Why can't you tell us?"

"Because it's an experience I'd rather not revisit." I glared.

"Fine, we'll respect you privacy." The kind man said, "Now tell us the name of this lucky young man."

"Lucky?" I blinked, how was he lucky?

"He's lucky because you're searching so desperately for him, that he has your love. You're a beautiful young woman and I'm sure some of my captains here are a bit disappointed."

"Hey!" Some of them viciously protested and others laughed. I folded my hands in my lap with a slight pink flooding my cheeks. When was the last time I blushed?

"His...his name is Clyde Talion."

"Nope, haven't heard of him." The kind man said with a sad smile. "But he's probably around here somewhere, looking for you as well."

I felt my eyes prickle with tears, Clyde...I miss you so much, please be safe.

"Crap! I forgot to introduce myself!" The kind man suddenly shouted, making me jump slightly in my chair. He looked over to me and inclined his head a little before bringing it back up. "My name is Kristopher Irvin, and this is my colonel Samuel Holden. And I can tell you've met my second-in-command Thierry."

I nodded.

The redhead spoke up next. "I'm Erick Sanders, Captain of the 3rd division."

The boy spoke. "Alexander Taegan, Captain of the 5th division."

The muscular man spoke happily next, giving me a solid pat on my shoulder. "I'm Gideon Miles, Captain of the 4th division."

"James Skuyler." The man with midnight hair spoke up quietly, "Captain of 2nd division."

"And you know me." Scott winked with a grin, "Captain of the 1st division."

"I'm Ceire Subaki...just a regular girl." I smiled.

"Well Ceire, we'll have Alex show you to a guest room and he'll tell you how things work, and tomorrow we'll set out on horses and head out to your village tomorrow."

"Wait Commander, not all of us can go. Someone has to stay behind and watch over the rest of the soldiers and guard the town." Thierry squeezed in.

"Samuel was right, we don't have time to play matchmaker." Scott leaned back on his chair, balancing on the back legs.

I slammed my fist on the table, glaring furiously. "This isn't some silly game!"

The Commander sighed. "Sorry Ceire, but they are partly right. I can't take all the Captains." He looked around. "Who would be fine for leaving for a couple of days?"

Thierry spoke up. "I can go, but you have to stay here Kris, we can't have two Commanders gone." He looked at the rest of the men, "You can only come if you can trust you divisions to handle themselves and protect the town completely."

A few Captains began muttering, looks like this would complicate things.

I stood up. "Anyone is fine." I looked over at Alex. "But I am really tired, so would you mind showing me my room now?"

"Of course," Alex stood, only towering me by a few inches and we left the room as the Captains talked.

As soon as we began walking down the hallway Alex slowed his pace to walk beside me, folding his arms behind his head. He didn't speak at first until he remembered that he was suppose to tell me how this place works.

"Oh!" Was his sigh of remembrance, then he shot into a long lengthy speech about training hours, eating hours, when they go patrol and how they switch. He talked about where they patrolled and that they never saw that much action because they only arrested small town crooks. He got excited when he talked about his friends and how they wanted to see a real war, be involved in something big.

I couldn't help but smile at his contagious energy but was grateful when he finally dropped me off at my room to be alone. I saw a warm, comfortable bed with a dresser across the room. The floor was a warm red carpet and the walls were a polished wood. There was a window...a window without any bars. I walked to the window in almost a daze and opened up the glass, the wind rushing in and making my bangs move gently against my forehead. I decided I would leave the window open and walked freely to my bed...not because I was chained but because I could do it on my own if I wanted to go to it. I sat down and it was so strange to not be chained.

I felt tears fall down my cheeks and lifted my hands freely in surprise to touch my cheeks. I was conscious of every movement and how it didn't cause me pain to do it. It was such...a relief.

I squinted my eyes shut, bringing my legs up to my chest and wrapping my arms around them.

Freedom was beginning to sink it and it lifted a weight of my shoulders and made my heart beat wildly. I opened my eyes, tears still streaming as I smiled and looked out the window.

"I'm coming Clyde, it won't be much longer."

If only I had realized how hard it was to find someone.

A knock sounded on my door and I unfolded from my bed and walked over to my door, opening it. Alex stood and gave me a big grin which had me unconsciously smiling back.

"It's dinner time."

"Really," My stomach grumbled. "Wait...what do you guys eat?" Please don't be soup, please don't be soup. I've had enough soup for the rest of my life time.

"Well you'll just have to follow me and see."

So he led me to the same room that everyone had been discussing in earlier and everyone was seated again, Alex's and my spot still open, food set out on the table.

My mouth fell slack as my vision filled with the sight of chicken, bread, and corn! It was like that one meal that the Doctor had tortured me with.

"Yes!" I cried out loud and they all look at me strange. Oh, oops, didn't mean to shout. "Sorry, haven't had big meals in a long time." I hurried as normally as I could and ate slowly to not seem like a barbarian, but it was a very very hard task. After the meal I felt fuller than I had in a long time. I sat back in my chair, content.

Even though I had tried to eat slowly I had still finished before the rest of the men.

Alex laughed, "Looks like you were really hungry."

"Yes." I patted my stomach and sat up eagerly. "You don't understand how good that felt."

"Why haven't you had a big meal in a while?" Thierry asked.

"Sorry." I waggled my fingers at him with a pleasant smile. "I can't tell you."

Thierry frowned, "Can you at least tell me how you got those scars."

"They're not scars; they'll heal up fine." Literally, I wouldn't be surprised if they were all pink lines now and the ones on my neck and hand a healing red.

"Scars," Scott seemed surprised, "So you are a bad girl." He gave me a wolfish grin with a wink.

My jaw clenched, my eyebrow twitched. "I'm only bad when provoked."

Scott snickered.

"How did you come by these scars?" James asked flatly. He reminded me of Ben with the lack of emotion he showed.

"I...ugh! Stop asking me questions I can't answer."

"What can you answer?" Samuel asked with a penetrating gaze staring right at me. I felt like he was boring holes straight into my soul.

"Anything that doesn't involve me,"

"Why can you not answer then, it shouldn't be so difficult to tell us why you got them." Erick asked. I frowned, he did that on purpose.

"Because how I got them is sick and twisted, and wouldn't make any sense to you guys," You humans.

"So did you hear what happened to the Doctor outside of town?" Alex suddenly changed the subject, which I was very grateful for. Alex sent me a wink before looking back at the men.

Thierry glanced at me before nodding, "Yes, Ceire told me about it."

"She did?" Alex looked at me, disappointed.

"Oh, but I don't know all the details. I just heard he was attacked. Go ahead and tell us all about it."

His grin graced his face again and he told us. "So apparently the Doctor had this project to create humans into demons, he called it the cure, and he had 'supposedly' captured one himself and no one knows how long he kept this demon but today he released the demons thinking that he released its chains from it ankles and wrists, because it was silver and seriously burns demons skin, that his 'cure' would advance."

Thierry turned to me with suddenly wide eyes and I realized how much this could connect to me. Alex didn't notice and continued.

"Anyway, the demon wasn't an idiot and took that chance to escape even though the Doctor put a silver necklace on it to hopefully weaken it, which obviously didn't work, and then the demon massacred everyone but him!"

"That's an awful lot of information, is the Doctor telling everyone that?" Samuel said as he sipped at some tea.

I felt my stomach fall to my toes, suddenly hollow.

"Yes, the Doctor wants everyone on the lookout for a demon with red wounded rimmed around its wrists, ankles, and neck. He said that she, yes a girl, and is wearing a white-,"

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I burst out into laughter as loud as I could to cover up the last of his sentence. "THAT OL' DOCTOR IS SUCH A LOON!" I slapped my thigh heartily while all men looked rather startled by my sudden behave. "Seriously guys," I wiped away at a fake tear, "Demons are a myth." I looked at Alex, "Tell me, did the Doctor say why this 'demon' let him live?"

"Ah no, but he was injured. The demon cut off his wrists and cracks all of his ribs, he's lucky nothing was punctured."

"When did you learn all this?" The redhead asked, impressed with the amount of knowledge Alex had learned.

"An hour after I showed Ceire her room." He looked at me sheepishly. "I know I said I don't believe in demons, but...maybe they are real."

"Ceire," His voice cut like steel through all the noise and I flinched, looking slowly up at Thierry who was staring at me cold, hard eyes.

"Yes sir?" My voice was soft.

"Why did you cut Alex off?"

"I didn't cut him off, sorry if I can't suppress my urge to laugh at something I find funny."

"Alex, what was she wearing?"

Alex opened his mouth and I slammed my hand over it. Alex eyes widened at my boldness.

"Is that really important? She's probably just some excuse the Doctor made up. She's probably not even real."

"Put your hand down." Thierry's voice whipped at me, sending an emotion of fear crackling down my spine like lightning. I lowered my hand and glared at him, why was I afraid of him, he was just a human.

Alex looked at me uncertainly before looking at the second-in-command. "She was wearing a small white dress, most likely stained with blood. He said that she should be covered in blood, but there was always a chance she'd wash off."

Thierry looked at me. "Demons aren't a myth are they?"

"Yes they are."

"You're a demon."

"No I'm not."

"We should turn you back into the Doctor."

I moved to fast for the eye to follow, I moved before I had even realized I moved, but suddenly I was on Thierry, pushing him back in the chair with my sword drawl and pressed to the base of his throat.

"Will you guys still not help me?" My emotions where a mess suddenly, my intent wasn't to kill, I should be worried about going back to the Doctor, but I was more worried that I'd never find Clyde. Tears filled my eyes, blurring my vision as my sword shook slightly at the tip. Tear drops hit Thierry's cheek. "Even a demon feels just like a human. You don't understand what I went through. I need to find Clyde." My voice was raspy, "I need him." I couldn't put it into words the ache I had to find him, the need to have him by my side. "Even if you send me back to the Doctor I'll kill him for good. Then I'll come back and kill you."

I couldn't see his expression, but I'm pretty sure he was dumbstruck.

"We can't help you if you kill us." Kristopher suddenly spoke up in a rather somber voice. I didn't move from my position. "If you want us to help you so bad you need to tell us about you."

I heard someone pull up a gun.

"Don't." It was James. "She does not intend to kill him, she is too emotionally unstable."

I laughed lightly as I heard the gun being put away, "I'm not emotionally unstable, I'm just mentally messed up. You would be to if you were me." I pushed Thierry's chair back to give me room to slide my sword back in it scabbard, than grabbed the bottom of my red vest and brought it up to my eyes to wipe at them.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Erick staring with a heartwarming smile at me.

"We will help you, demon or human."

I couldn't help it, my tears flooded me now with relief as Erick wrapped and arm around me, holding me close to his chest.

It wasn't Clyde, like I wished it was, but it was comfort and I wasn't refusing.

"So how does it feel to be attacked by a girl Thierry?" Scott asked with a laugh and Thierry grunted. I smiled lightly.