Get Stoned

Rated: M

Chapter: 1

His arms laced around me, smoke weaved its way from our lips, escaping our lungs and disappearing into the air. Chills whispered down my arms as his lips met my bare shoulder, kissing down it with a cloud of smoke drifting from his partially opened lips. Then looking at me, his lips were on mine, his hand sliding over my chest, leaving tingling feelings across it. I was in a daze as I took his hand in mine, feeling him kiss me and let the warm, white, gas like smoke drift into my mouth as our tongues intertwined. Rolling my eyes back I inhaled the smoke then together, we breathed it out. Setting aside, the narrow glass, shaped into nothing but a mere spider I was lifted off the ground.

A dazed look plastered my face as I looked up at the ceiling, feeling the soft blankets under my skin. Then his face appeared in front of me, a dazed grin on his face as he dipped down into my neck and taking his time to glide his tongue up it. I laid there, closing my eye, feeling the sexual pleasure fill throughout my body. His hand had found there way up my leg, rubbing the erection between them. Getting a soft moan, I felt him pull away, taking a hit of green wrapped in paper before kissing me and making me hold the white, fog like smoke. He stroked me between my pants, watching as I let the smoke come out in a low moan.

"Baby I love," he whispered, nibbling at my ear. I giggle, rolling my head to look his way. For a moment we just stared at each other. Looks of half closed eyes, glazed over.

Letting my eyes wonder in his, I didn't feel him reach over to unhook my pants. Moaning when I felt his hand stroking my cock, I gripped his arm, letting out soft moans as I continued to look over his pleased yet stoned face. His hand worked me quickly but softly and I let myself continue to moan as my eyes close.

The smoothness of his body soon glided with mine. Our legs intertwined with each other as the hardness of our crotch's rubbed against each other. A moan escaped from him as he stripped the rest of the cloths off of us, riding over me softly. Letting myself arch up, our hips grind themselves together as both of us let out soft sounds that echoed through the house. Gripping his arms, I watch as he took another hit of the small wrapped paper before kissing down my dick. The smoke seeped from his mouth as he kissed his way to the tip, tickling me as it disappeared.

Taking another hit he let my member slide in to meet the smooth, tingling sensation of the clouded, smog of smoke. His tongue circled its way around my shaft as his head bobbed back and forth, lightly gripping my legs to move fast with each thrust of his head. Rolling my eyes back, I thrust with him, getting closer to my climax. With another rushed bob, I felt myself orgasm out. Nathan licked it then placed my legs over his shoulders and licked more as he leaned in. Looking me over, he kissed me, letting me taste the sour, saltiness of my cum.

Arching my up onto his lap, I laid my arms over his shoulders, letting my head fall back. I could feel the largeness of his dick enter my tiny asshole. Groaning as a hint of pain struck through me it soon faded away as he began to slowly thrust into me, getting deeper each time. I could feel myself clawing at his shoulders and hear the loud moans as he continued to move in the same rhythm, letting his hands rub up and down around my body.

With a quick movement of his hand he slipped me to be face down into the pillow, laying himself across my nude body. Using the head bored he moved faster and harder in me, till finally I felt his warm, wet cream fill me. I relaxed feeling his body do the same as it laid over mine. We bother were breathing heavy and little droplets of sweat matted our hair down. He pulled out of me and flopped over to my side, catching my eyes.

He brought his hand up, gently stroking over my cheek. I let my head lay into it, taking on big breath before I realized I had some serious munchies. Giving him the look, he just grinned and lifted me with him as he carried me down the steps. When we reached the kitchen he lifted me up onto the counter, giving me a quick peck on the lips before getting out our junk food. After gathering it in his arms, he allowed me to slip onto his back before we head up the stairs to his room again.

There we relaxed in each other embrace, munching out before tiredly slipping into a deep sleep to wake up and start again...

Authors Note:

No I am not mocking people who smoke or saying it's good or bad it is just a simple story of what my characters do. Am I sure this is the affect of what really happens when you get high? No. This also doesn't mean go and get high after you read this story v.v please don't. Well read & review and tell me what you think.