Some people believe in the paranormal but I was never one of them. Some people made voodoo dolls hoping to hurt their enemies, but I laughed at them. Some people carried wooded steaks around or wore garlic necklaces but I never did. Some people held the cross in their hands while drawing their last breathe, I wish I did. I should have listened, should have seen the signs and turned away. My heart told me it was worth it when everything else in my body was telling me to run. I was stupid to believe that just because I followed my heart that everything would turn out alright. Some people sat in the corner rocking in a ball, and I should have been one of them. Some people, no, everybody else will never know what I know and will never experience the pain I have, they will never cry as many tears, or completely lose their mind in their own insanity. Some people just get lucky in life, and I was never one of them.