Once upon a time, before time began, when there was no sky…

A spirit of peace and love looked down upon a gloomy place in what we know as space.

"I feel like something is missing- I want to create something for my home," It said.

"I wonder what I will create." Said the spirit.

It thought and thought for many days, when it finally decided.

"I know- I'll create planets!" It exclaimed as it gathered its magic power together.

"I will create nine planets by these names: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto." The spirit said as it flew around in circles.

Soon, the spirit took some of its magic, and started to create its first planet. It chose to create Mercury first. Every so slowly, the spirit created Mercury.

Next it decided to create Venus. It created Venus.

Then, the spirit created Earth.

Then it wanted Mars next. It created Mars.

Next came Jupiter. It created Jupiter.

Then came Uranus's turn. Uranus was created.

And then it came time for Neptune. It created Neptune.

Then, last but not least, came the smallest planet, Pluto.

The spirit flew around, admiring its work, but still, three things were missing.

"What did I forget?" The spirit asked itself. It looked down at Earth- Earth seemed to look lonely.

"Ah, I know! I'll give Earth people- I'll give it plants- I'll give it animals too!" The spirit said as life appeared on Earth. Fish swam in the oceans, birds flew in the sky, and all sorts of other animals walked on the land. People ate fruit from the trees, and everyone was happy.

"Now, as my gift to all of the planets," The spirit began,

"I will give them the Sun- the day, and the Moon- the night."

The spirit used the last of its magic to complete its creations.

"Now, my home is complete." The spirit said with a smile.

"And now, the entire world is happy."