Cupid chases me round and round promising he's right.

I keep on running trying to hide.

His promises have betrayed my heart before,

Shattering it into a million pieces.

Stupidly I fell again hoping for a different ending,

I prayed at night,

And wished on every eyelash.

That you would see that I was the one,

You didn't see and ran off without a backwards glance.

Mending my heart,

like a jigsaw it was.

Broken over and over scars covering it,

Forming bars just to keep from going down one more time.

He tries to convince me but I point a gun,

Sights trained on his little bow.

He pleads me to stop and I ask for a reason.

His only response stops me dead in my tracks.

"He has the key" he utters pointing an arrow at my heart,

I sigh giving in letting passion fill my heart.

Something must have gone right,

Because I never broke again.

I learned the lesson everyone who is truly happy does.

To be happy you must be broken then mended.

Knowing sadness brings the desire for happiness,

When happiness brings a cry of lust to wonder how it feels,

If he's truly Mr. Right.