First day, he grins as he takes my hand to wed.

Second day, his eyes smolder with gold, but only I can see the cold.

Third day, I disobey his orders. It is I that must be tortured.

Fourth day, he grins as he turns to my kin.

Fifth day, we hated as she is violated.

Sixth day, her screams I hear in my dreams.

Seventh day, her flesh he sears, mine wet with tears.

Eighth day, my outer shell does creak. For her beating heart begins to break.

Ninth day, I hear a whisper in the walls, feel it skulking in the halls.

Tenth day, I hear a hiss. A deadly kiss.

Eleventh day, I fear for my life. He shows no mercy with each strike.

Twelfth day, his scream is heard throughout the halls. Its gaze he did meet.

Thirteenth day, I can rest in peace. For he has met the beast.