This is just a short story that I wrote for class and thought it might be interesting to post. It's just fluff and isn't related to anything in particular but I hope you like it anyway.

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War Time –

It was silent. For now.

Everyone had retreated to their bases to discuss tactics. We had been fighting for hours and my hair was sticking to the back of my neck but I wasn't going to be the first to surrender. Never again.

"So Colonel Fluffball. We have lost Generals Candy and Floss but we still have Angel, Bunny, Crabby and Bob. What's the plan?"

We were all hiding behind the green couch when I saw it.

"Quick! Everyone out! It's a bomb!" I screamed.

We all ran out just as the chew toy exploded.

"That was close"

"It's time" he said.

"Oh yes"

And then it was all out war.

We fought with swords and guns, cannons and missiles, Ninja Stars and machetes, Alien technology and our own bare hands. The sky was the limit and there was nothing we didn't think of. Some might have been amazed at what we came up with, but we weren't because our dad made us watch the History Channel with him and so we drew from other's mistakes.

It was like this most days. I would rush home from school to prep my army. To us this was as real as World War One or Two is for everyone else.

"Bunny and Crabby, you sneak around and attack from behind. Angle and Fluffball, cover me while I go for Andrew. Bob… Well bob you just do your thing."

And that was what we did because that was how we won. That was the reason we were the best team ever.

I was in the middle of decapitating one of Andrew's snakes when it happened. I don't really know exactly how it happened but I did know that Colonel Fluffball was dead. Andrew had killed him.


Fluffball was my favourite bear. Andrew had known that. He had wanted this. He had known the consequences and hadn't cared. Now it was personal.

I finished of the snake and shot three more of his soldiers before I got to him.

This would be the Final battle between Good and Evil.

Only one would survive.

We duelled relentlessly using everything and anything we could think of. I would shot my laser gun and he would dodge it. He would throw a sword and I would catch it. But then I got close enough to hold the sword against his throat and grinned.

As I was about to deliver the final blow however, there was a noise.

"Dinner Time!" it rang.

"Till next time Andrew" I said.

"Till next time Kim" He replied.

And with that we ran off to dinner holding hands.

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