Him and I,

have come to an agreement.

We have mutually,



that we wouldn't work out.

Even if,

there was a chance,

for us.

As much has I care,

about him,

I agree.

He feels something too,

but he buries it.

He is the typical,

Damn Noble Male.

It will,

makes things harder,

if he acts,

on his feelings.

I agree,

with him.

And I don't agree.

I believe,

if you feel something,

you should act on it.

It would only,

be a kiss.

A simple kiss.

Damn the consequences,

I should tell him.

But I can't.

If we acted,

on our feelings,

it would make this life,

we live,


He is right,

he is clear-minded,

as always.

I'm not sure,

if I agree.


him and I,

haven't come,

to an agreement,

after all.

Author's Note:

This poem goes to "Confession" and "Fate and Chances"

-Norah Strike