You're like a clock

Counting time so it won't stop

Cuz' you know about my past

And know this (peace) can't last

You know what I see

When I look into the crystal ball

You see my future

You see how far I'm gonna fall

You see the shadow of me

All those years from now

After darkness comes and takes away

All the things that made you stay

You saw a vision of us

And I was cold and shaking

You saw our future

And I know the toll it's been taking

Cuz it doesn't turn out well

It doesn't come out right

I don't get a happy ending

And I give up the fight

To stay with you

And to stay sober

Cuz I'm not strong enough

And i'm only getting colder

By the time the visions come true

I'll be frozen into ice

And all your warmth won't save me

I'll already have drowned in vice

And I won't care

No matter how much you want me to

And you won't give up

You'll let me destroy you