"I will love you until my dying day"

July 2017

"He's beautiful, isn't he?" Luck whispered in awe, stroking the soft hair on top of his son's head. It had been 3 days after their son's birth that they finally got to take him home. He was everything they had ever wanted.

"He is," Lily said in the same tone, "And so much more." Really, they were in so much awe of their baby.

He had brown hair, just like his parents, and blue eyes obviously. The only thing they were wondering about was the shade of his eye color. Lily wanted them to be the ocean blue Luck had, and Luck wanted it to be the sky blue Lily had. Though, almost everyone they knew was betting on Luck's eye color.

Luke Apollo Stone was a very popular boy. Luke's name had to match the letters his parents had. Luck felt silly wanting him to have the same name as his loyal companion; it was a dog after all. But, Lily thought since Luck had lost so much, he was granted some silliness.

"Night buddy," Luck kissed his son's head, Lily right after him. They exited, quietly shutting the door. "Now," He smiled, "Wanna grow old together?" He joked, gathering his wife in his arms.

"Haven't we been doing that for 22 years?" Lily quipped teasingly, returning the embrace.

They smiled as the ocean met the sky, just like it did all those years ago.