Chapter 7

"But I love you, until the end of time"

Lily was grinning widely. She felt like her cheeks were going to split, but she couldn't help it. One of her favorite bands had come to her home town, and she was lucky enough to have money to attend it. "I'm gonna get up close," She said to her friend. It came out as a squeal, so her friend raised her eyebrows at the girl who was looking as though she would peen her pants in excitement.

Lily ignored her, and practically hopped to the stage, blue eyes sparkling, brown hair trailing behind her. "Oof!" She closed her eyes on impact, afraid to look at the person.

She heard a masculine chuckle, "You can open your eyes, I'm not gonna hurt you."

She opened her eyes cautiously. When they were fully opened, her breath hitched. The young man in front of her was nothing short of breathtakingly handsome. His eyes were blue, a shade darker than hers, making his look like the ocean. His brown hair was gelled up like the band members, and his collar to his shirt was popped.

"I don't usually get hit on at concerts," His voice was loud enough for her to hear.

She laughed nervously, "Sorry," She cleared her throat, "I'm Lily, Lily Reed."

He smiled, "Luck Stone."

October 2001

"But you already know me, Luck. You don't need my whole back story," Lily protested agitatedly. Luck had asked her for her back story all of a sudden during lunch, and she felt the strong urge to protest. She had to keep some things to herself.

Luck groaned exasperatedly, "Lily, come on. It's a class assignment we have to do for class, you know that. You know my back story, why not tell me yours?"

Lily rolled her eyes at her friend while Lynn scoffed at the boy, "Leave her alone, let her keep some of her secrets."

Luck glared at her while Lily silently thanked her, "We're 11, Lynn. 11 years old. Besides, what does she have to hide that I don't already know?"

"Exactly Luck," Lily retorted, "You already know me, you know my back story."

Luck groaned once more "Come on, Lily. I know that I know your back story, but it would be easier if you said it now, and I wrote it down. What's the big problem?" He glanced at Lynn, "Unless, you don't want someone to hear."

Lynn rolled her eyes at the pair, walking away, "You could at least try to be subtle."

Luck smiled in satisfaction at Lily, "Let's start now."

"Okay," Luck brought out a spiral notebook and a pencil, "I'll ask questions, and you'll answer. And try to be specific on the ones that need it." He brought out the questions, "Name?"

Lily rolled her eyes, "You know my name." Luck glared impatiently. "Ugh, fine," She relented, "Lily Marie Reed."

He wrote it down, "Birthday?"

"June 6."

"Parents' name?"

"Victor and Lena Reed."




"One brother, Victor Reed Jr., he's in the military."

"Plans for the future?"

She crossed her arms, a proud smile on her lips, "I want to be a lawyer." She smacked him when he muttered something unintelligible under his breath. "Now you answer the same questions."

"But we're not done."

"I don't care."

"Ugh, fine. My name is Luck Tiberius Stone. My name day is," Lily rolled her eyes at that, "January 6. My mother's name is Rose Curtis. I don't have any pets. I have a brother named Alphonse Adams. And I wanna be a…" He furrowed his brow in concentration, "Um."

Lily put her hand on his forearm, "It's okay if you don't know what to be yet, we've got time."

Luck smiled gratefully, "Thanks." He then smirked, "Was that so hard?" He laughed when she glared.

Lily was on cloud nine after the concert. It wasn't every day she met a cute boy and got to see her favorite band. She smiled involuntary when she thought of the memory till she was startled out of her thoughts, "Help!" She heard a strangled cry down the street.

She found the owner of the voice in an alley pushed up against the wall by a man who had a knife to her throat. She ran at the man, "Leave her alone!" She caught him square in the temple with her fist watching him fall to the ground with a grunt of a surprise and pain; she was known for giving mean punches.

"Go," She told the girl softly. The girl nodded gratefully, running off. Lily smiled slightly then gasped in shock when she felt cold steel plunge into her stomach.

"Bitch," The man snarled, pulling the knife out, letting her fall to the floor. "Next time," He stepped over her, "Mind your business."

Lily watched his retreating form with pain filled eyes. Her fingers clutched her stomach wound tightly, feeling her blood stain her fingers, "No," She panted out. She didn't want to die yet, but no one was there to help. She closed her eyes, at least it was a good day.