Chapter 9: Kent

I sit on the couch and see Fina being shoved out of the bathroom. I can't help looking at her, she blushes furiously. She is wearing a short red pajama dress that shows off her hips. And the lace wrapped around the bottom of the dress and the top that reminds me of her and how she will try to move the dress so that it wasn't too showing.

I decide to act to see what the girl stylists would do, so I come slowly and put my fingers on Fina's chin lightly. The woman stylists sigh in unison. And Fina blushes madly, and grips my hand taking it off her face. I smile.

Then, I look over seeing some of Shula's hair out of place.

"Thank you, for helping my love dress into such a flattering dress for sleep," I smile, moving Shula's hair, trying to sound and look like a prince as much as possible.

Shula and Sera's eyes both light up with happiness.

"I am not your love," Fina whispers, blushing and looking down.

"Goodnight Fina and Kent," the stylist girls say, with the quiet guy stylists behind them. That sounds good Fina and Kent, or maybe Kent and Fina.

Fina shoves me forcefully, "What was that about? You were embarrassing me and messing with those stupid stylists heads."

"I was experimenting, darling, and stupid?" I ask, with a seductive smile.

She blushes, taking a while to answer, "They are stupid for falling in love, they don't realize they could do better than just be some man's wife," she whispers.

I knew she was talking about her own situation, not theirs, "You aren't going to be just my wife, my beauty, you will be whatever your heart desires, don't let me stop you."

I hold her cheek, and lightly kiss it, for only a second, surprised how she seemed to let me do it.

I turn around about to lay on the couch when Fina speaks up, "Kent?" When she says my name my heart skips a beat.

"Yes?" I smile at her, fighting the want to grab her in my arms and kiss her, only because she said my name.

"Do you have anything else I can wear? I am not comfy," she says, with the cutest face ever, and once again I find myself fighting the urge again.

"Yeah, I got normal clothes hidden," I say.

"And Kent?" she says again.

"Yes," fighting the urge gets harder and harder.

"I don't want to take your bed I would feel to guilty, so you can sleep with me, but you have to promise you won't do anything stupid," she says.

I sense the feeling that she just doesn't want to sleep alone, but I quickly disregard it, remembering what she has said about this.

"I promise," I say, trying to not smile.

"Thanks," she pauses, and hugs me, "for the clothes," she finishes.

The pause made it seem as though she was thanking me for something else. She held me tight and it was extremely hard to fight the urge, she would be mad afterword, I reminded myself.

"I'm glad I can count on you," she says, pausing again, "for different clothes and shoes to wear."

She is definitely doing this on purpose, I think, breathing hard; it's so hard to fight the urge now.

"Are you okay?" she asks, noticing my breathing.

"I will be, after I do this," I say, kissing her passionately, holding her face between my hands.

She accepts the kiss and agrees with it by kissing back. I pull her closer, one of my hands going from her cheek to through her nice red silky hair. We lay on my bed our lips still locked in a wonderful kiss.

She pulls away, with a smile, "I was experimenting," she whispers, with an irresistible voice.

I sigh and lay back; now knowing I was played by her like an instrument.

"You promised me Kent, forgot it so easily huh," she says, smiling as I had when the stylists were in the room.

"In the heat of the moment of course a man would forget," I say, giving her an excuse.

"Look at you, all I have to do, is touch you," she says, tapping my nose, "And you want me."

"That's to be expected, you are a very desirable lady," I say, kissing her nose.

She gave me a mildly angry face.

"Here," I say, handing her the extra pajamas, "are the extras," I finish.

"Thanks, again," she says, getting up and going to the bathroom.

Wanting for her to come back lasts forever, I endlessly wanted to ask if she was coming soon, but I knew that would make me look impatient.

She came out again in black shorts that went to her knees and a blue t-shirt; it was definitely more to her liking. She pushed me to the other side of the bed and got comfy under the sheets. She closed her eyes.

"You must trust me," I whispered.

"Yes, you promised, and you have to do whatever I say," she says.

I smile and kiss her lips, she makes only a little effort to kiss back, which means she is too tried or she doesn't want to seem to put any effort but can't help it. She lightly pushes me to the other side of the bed.

I fall asleep quickly, so happy Fina is here to keep me company.

I wake up early, feeling too warm for my liking. Then, I realize it's because Fina is lying next to me with her head on my chest. I blush a little and look at her peacefully breathing, she looks so happy. But why is she lying on me, did I put her there? Or was it her when she was fast asleep?

She started rubbing her eyes, she's waking up. Oh, cramp, what is she going to think? Then, she only yawns and rolls over and falls back asleep. I sigh and fall back asleep.

"Good morning Kent," Fina yawns, with a morning tear, from yawning, in her eye.

I wipe the tear from her eye, and say, "Good morning," back.

I get the urge again after seeing her yawn, and then I remember what happened last night, I should probably tell her.

"Um, Fina," I start, nervous.

"Yes, and don't wipe my tears stupid," she answers; I could tell the nickname she gave me was only a joke.

"Yes my darling, and last night…" I start until I am interrupted.

"I know, I was lying next to you, it was on accident, I wasn't going to talk about it unless you brought it up," she says, looking a little annoyed.

"Was there a reason for this accident?" I ask, grabbing her hand.

"Don't get any ideas prince," she said sternly, taking her hand away, "When it was cold outside my dad would make a fire and we would cuddle by the fire, then, I would usually fall asleep, so that's where I got that habit."

"If you don't like being romantic with me, then why did ask me to sleep with you?" I ask, confused, since I thought she would remember her habit.

"Dummy, I don't have feelings like that, I just felt guilty since it's your bed and my habit had slipped my mind," she says.

"I hope you still feel guilty…" I start, going to mess with her, but she interrupts.

"Thank you for telling me, and not doing anything," she thanks me, looking down, embarrassed.

"I follow your rules, especially since you give me privileges like that," I whisper, just noticing I was laying over her, close enough for a kiss.

"Kent…" she whispers, wanting, "Move."

"Of course, Fina, my love," I say with a smile.