When Nadira got home Beth was just sitting on her bed. Nadira could tell by her wet hair and the smell of her cherry blossom shampoo that she just got out of the shower not long ago. She looked dazed. Nadira didn't blame her considering what she witnessed. "Hey, you ok?" she asked.

"Uh yeah" Beth said snapping out of her thoughts, "thought you were staying at your mom's tonight?"

"I was, but my brother seems to be ok now plus she was getting on my nerves" Nadira said.

"Mom's can do that" Beth said.

"Hey we haven't hung out together in a while" Nadira said, "wanna come watch me run track tomorrow morning?"

"Only if you treat to lunch at Tilly's" Beth teased.

"Deal" Nadira said. That night when Beth went to bed she dreamed of a forest. It was amazingly beautiful. It lit up with bright colors of green, yellow, pink, and even purple. She could smell the amazingly sweet scents of the wild flowers. She could even hear the flow of a waterfall getting closer and closer. Then the dream zoomed out. There running through the forest was a huge white tiger and right beside it was a light golden furred wild cat. It was just as big as the white tiger and its face a had a swirl of fur that was white and it's ears were black at the tips and pointed. Almost like wolves ears. Its hazel eyes almost had a golden glow to them that matched it's fur. They jumped into this gorgeous waterfall. The water was a beautiful clear cyan blue and there was smooth marble like rocks around it. The sun shined on the water making the water shimmer a bit. The two huge cats jumped in the water and just pounced and played in it. Then they sat in the water in nuzzled. Thats when the alarm clock woke Beth up. "Morning' Nadira said sitting up and slapping the alarm off. "Mornin" Beth said.

"Lets get ready to head to the track" Nadira said. Beth got up and dressed in her favorite blue sundress and matching sandals. She put her kinky curled hair up in a ponytail and went to brush her teeth. Beth was gathering her purse and bag when Nadira came out in her purple Adidas firebird outfit she bought from footlocker. She grabbed her purple water bottle and keys. "Ready?" Nadira asked.

"Yep" Beth said as they headed for the school's track area. When they get there the coach had everyone warming up. "There's our best runner" he said as Nadira reached the team. "I'm ready to show what my legs can do" Nadira said. "Then lets start Nadira you run against Amy" coach said. Nadira stood beside the strawberry blonde she was running against and got in the starting position. "GO!" she heard coach yell and took off. Beth watched from the stands. She was amazed. It was almost like Nadira was just dashing down the track. Nadira knew the wild cat gene in her gave her the speed she needed to make it in track. Her dream was one day to make it to the olympics. Nadira crossed the finish line and she heard some team mates cheer. "Excellent time as always" coach said. After the track meet was over Nadira and Beth headed back to their dorm so Nadira could change. Once she changed into a black tank top and jean shorts they headed to Tilly's. Tilly's was the best restaurant in town. It was where many of the locals in Harvest Grove hung out. The girls walked in and went up to the counter. "table please" Nadira said. The woman behind the counter looked around for a free one. "Table eight is free" she said and the girls went to it and sat down. Beth grabbed a menu and looked through it. "I'm starved" Nadira said.

"Well as fast as you ran I don't doubt it" Beth said. A waiter with messy reddish brown hair that was up in a bun and tired dark eyes came up to them. "What can I get you guys?" she asked.

"I'll have a glass of autumn gold punch no cherries, a red stuffed paper, and a thing of mini fried donuts" Beth said.

"Ok and you?" the waitress said looking at Nadira.

"I'll have a glass of banana punch, a slice of italian pizza, and and a thing of crispy sticks" Nadira said putting her menu down.

"Ok I'll be right back with your orders" the waitress said walking back to the kitchen area. "So when is the next big track meet?" Beth asked.

"We don't know yet, but I'm a shoe in for lead runner" Nadira said.

"I can see why" Beth said as the waiter brought them their food. Nadira could smell spices in both her pizza slice and Beth's stuffed pepper. "This smells so good" Nadira said.

"Looks even better" Beth said taking her fork and ripping a piece of pepper off. The spice exploded in her mouth when she bit into the piece and had her taste buds screaming.

"So what are you guys doin in your photography class?" Nadira asked taking a bite of a really crunchy crispy stick.

"We're suppose to capture wild life" Beth said and thats when she flashed back to the night before. The three huge animals she saw and how the huge white tiger seemed to be protecting her from the big black wolf.

"Catch any yet?" Nadira asked.

"No, but I wish I could have caught what I saw last night?" Beth said.

"What?" Nadira asked fully aware of what it is was.

"I saw this huge black wolf I mean it chased me and when i fell it was right over me" Beth said.

"Wow" Nadira said acting shocked.

"Yeah and just when I thought it was gonna bite me this huge white tiger comes out of nowhere and fights it off with the help of what looked like a huge white lioness" Beth said.

"Are you sure it wasn't a dream?" Nadira asked.

"I know it sounds like it, but I swear Dira it was real" Beth said.

"I don't know, but maybe there's wild animals in our forest" Nadira said taking a drink of her banana punch.

"Maybe" Beth said popping a mini fried donut in her mouth.

"Maybe you should seek a cutie to escort you places" Nadira teased.

"I'd really like to hang out with the cutie I saw at the market yesterday" Beth said sipping on her punch.

"Spill" Nadira demanded with a smile.

"Well he had deep blue eyes, curly hair that was sorta dark brown, and you could clearly see wash board abs under his white muscle shirt" Beth said.

"Anything else?" Nadira asked biting into another crispy stick.

"Well he had this deep scar under is right eye" Beth said. Nadira tried to hide her shock. She knew she was talking about Arlo.