So there is some minor language so I'm unsure about the rating there's only two minor swear words so I'm unsure if a T rating is necessary, if iits not please tell me :) anyways so um here we go -

~o0o Sleepless Sleeping Beauty o0o~

I'm a sleepless sleeping beauty
If one would call me that

I'm no Cinderella
That shoe would never fit

My heart is impure
My mind filled with insanity

I'm no servant
But I'm invisible

No prince has come to save me
I'm not naive I know he never will

I don't need a prince anyways
I can save myself

But I wish someone would try

Mine is cruel as any step-family could ever be

But there is no fairy god mother
It's okay though
I've never believed in that shit

My fate rests in my own hands
I'll find my own destiny

I'm a sleepless sleeping beauty

A loner in the dark

I'm not locked high in a tower
I have no unrivaled beauty
I'm a diamond in the rough
Trying to survive in a world of rhinestones

I fear no dragon

And wield my own sword

But I fight for no one's honor

Other than my own

I'd rather be a thieve in the night
Then a useless slave in a dress

I fought my way here
Like hell I'm going back

My heart is made of stone

Seemingly unbreakable

My soul unshakeable

I'm no princess

That something I've never wanted to be
So helpless
So naive

I'm a diamond in the rough
Fighting for survival in a cruel world made for rhinestones

I don't need your happy ending
I can make my own

I'm a warrior
Not a damsel in distress

I don't need to be a princess
And I couldn't want anything less.