One fateful encounter with this mysterious stranger, Lucifer prophesys danger is up ahead.

Born into sin, the face of beauty brings forth horror and terror. The mirror doesn't lie, ugliness

is real. Goosebumps consume Aphrodite, a damsel in distress. Violated lost innocence, these

cherry ruby lips and childbearing hips dance around a burning white cross. Gun violence trades

in merciful grace for a dead human corpse. You say its only just a movie but I remain blind to

the truth daily. Evil, the devil attacks me in every possible way. Fear exists inside the mind and

yet anxiety breathes twenty four seven. Torn out of heaven by accident, noone is ever safe. Cautious,

I go about running errands during the early morning hours. Unforseen karma, speedy cars catch me

off guard from dawn to sundown. Miraculously, I am still alive because God protected me.