You walk away and the day ends with you singing a swansong.

I need you, can you see the longing within my eyes? We will

talk again soon. There shouldn't be a good in goodbye. Ghost

of yesterday, ghost of tomorrow, you're immortal. You are a

creation of my imagination. You are fairydust, another diary

entry yet to be written. You keep on drifting in and out of my

life just like the wind. Your afterglow, shadow echoes a sweet

familiar melody. I remain your widow time after time. You fly

out of my bedroom window and I close the door leading inside

my heart, secret dreamworld. I wonder what does it feel like

to walk in your shoes? I can't leave my body because I don't

want to grieve those who love me the most. I wonder what

do you go home to after you depart from the world's stage?

Slipping away from view, who knew you would disappear so

quickly? I'm holding your heart right here in my hand. Please

come back before I completely fade to black. Time, distance

and outerspace makes up for the words left unsaid between us.