Crying outside heaven's gates, life is not a fairytale.

Forgotten legacy, unwanted pregnancy, bittersweet joy.

Giving birth, this woman's work is never done. Dwelling

within the same spiritual zone, father and mother reunite

for one special good cause. Biggest burden of a lifetime,

money calls nobody honey. Fear about the unknown weighs

heavily on the mind daily. Where on earth is the solution

for this broken union, once united country? Gone are the

days when hatred and pride ruled the world. Gone are

the days when the Lord turned his back on his children.

Black and blue baby born out of wedlock shine like a peacock

underneath the sun. Accidental heavensent gift, infant angel,

feed upon parents' tender loving care and undying faithful devotion.

Maybe unplanned, but turned out to be wanted all along. How does

it feel like to be loved and blessed everyday? Living for a divine purpose,

it is suppose to be this way forever. Cherished red rose, beautiful youthful

innocence never stop dreaming no matter what the circumstances. Angelic

phenomenal existence, magical musical prodigy, turn life's problems into comedy

instead of a bad sad romantic tragedy.