Once upon a time, in a far away sea, there lived a young Mermaid by the name of Deana. Deana was the young daughter of King Kaldun. King Kaldun was a powerful Sorcerer, and Deana wanted to be just like him.

"I'll go and ask the people in my kingdom- they might be able to help me!" She told herself.

Deana swam around her kingdom for hours, asking many Mermaids and Mermen if they could help her. Everyone said they couldn't- even the castle magician couldn't give her powers.

"I'll never be like my father." Deana said sadly as she swam along. Slowly, she swam into a deep seaweed forest, and soon became lost.

"Uh oh," Deana said to herself as she swam in circles looking for an exit.

"What's wrong, child?" Someone asked from behind Deana. Deana spun around to see an old Mermaid with a magic staff in her hand.

"Are you a Sea Witch?" Deana asked.

"Why yes, yes I am- how can I help you?" The old Sea Witch asked.

"I want to be like my father- I want to be a powerful Sorceress!" Deana said proudly.

"Alright dear- just give me your hand." The Sea Witch said as she took Deana's hand. Quietly, the Sea Witch muttered under her breath, and Deana felt herself shrink.

"What did you do to me?" Deana asked. Her voice was now high and squeaky, and she was sitting in the Sea Witch's hand!

"I turned you into a clam for my dinner!" The Sea Witch laughed.

"Help!" Deana called as loud as she could.

Back in the Sea Castle, Deana's father, King Kaldun heard her calling.

"Oh no," He said,

"Deana is in trouble!"

As fast as he could, his trident in hand, he rushed into the forest and saw the Sea Witch holding a clam- who was calling for help!

"Deana?" King Kaldun called.

"Father- help me!" Deana called back.

"Just try and defeat me!" The old Sea Witch said darkly.

Within seconds, King Kaldun had used a powerful spell and turned the evil Sea Witch into seaweed.

"I'm sorry dad; I just wanted to be like you. I wanted to be a powerful Sorceress." Deana said sadly when she was back to normal.

"Well why didn't you say so? I could teach you how." He said with a smile.

"Now, let's go home."

Slowly, Deana and King Kaldun swam back to the castle. In the end, Deana had gotten what she'd wanted, and the evil Sea Witch was never seen again.