What a strange day...

I was in my backyard with my pet dog (name unknown for it was a dream) playing some game, while across from me was a small hole in the fence. In that hole was another dog watching us, but mainly watching my dog (as if he wanted to eat my dog whole).

Then my dog (you know what...let's just call him Charlie). So Charlie was finally curious enough to go over to the other dog (new name Doug) for a proper...uh greeting.

Anyways, Charlie walked over, but I guess Doug didn't like greetings much for he latched painfully latched onto one of Charlie's front legs with his teeth.

With a surprising yelp from Charlie, Doug dragged my dog into his side of the fence. Watching this, my brain demanded to go get help from the neighbors for it was his dog that dragged Charlie in the first place, but my body didn't respond until after Charlie was completely on the other side.

As I was banging on the neighbor's door, a tall man in semi work suit walked across the street to me asking what was wrong. I told him the story about what had happened and he said that I was his neighbor. My face morphed into extreme anger and demanded to give me back my dog and also have something done to his dog.

A minute later, the man did as I said but also held onto his dog as well. He placed Doug in my yard and pulled out a shotgun. Then he shot his dog twice in his stomach. When he was done he lowered the gun to his side, looked at me with emotionless eyes, and asked, "Are you happy now?"