Hello, my name is Pepper Darren. I will be telling you a story, well maybe I will. Perhaps today or maybe sometime in next couple of years… doesn't really matter. It is not my story, my story is the well… later…it's an interesting one too, mine is. You can tell I like my story better then the one I'm telling you now, can't you? It's probably because it has me in it, and after all I am the best… I know, self centered right? Well, I prefer to think of it as self indulgent, in a good way. And No, I'm not crazy, I know what you where thinking, and I can honestly say I am not mad or loopy.. insane… or any other word you could call it. My parents are, they are absolutely bonkers. I bet you don't believe me do you, teen girl calling her parents crazy must seem… common place. But, I am completely serious… My dad thinks his name is insane and my mum thinks her name is Princess Tally Lou…..What, What, I am getting to the thing the director told me to say…. What was I told to say hmm oh year there are two main characters they are Seraphina and Bekala and they are…. Nigel I told you to start the drum here (Drum role starts)…..


Ps: Did you know that Deity is a real word Ha who knew (apparently the writer knows)