A/N: I wrote this last year, based on a dream I had... hope you like it!

Chapter One:

"Come on! Lets go!" I was rushing people into the safe house on the school campus, one by one. Pushing them through the heavy metal door. We were under attack. The attackers ships were firing left and right, making us look like scurrying ants. The Elders were also leading students through the doors to the safe house, defending against the attackers. I pushed the last person through the door before me, only to rush back into the battle field. I had to get to Mika. Mika is an Elder, but not just any Elder. He is also my father. I was sent to this school in hopes of one day to be as strong and as brave as him.

I was running back through the field and on the gravel path that leads to the school. Then I saw him running towards the safe house. He was defending himself against a ship, exchanging fire back and forth, along with protecting any students that were still rushing to the safe house. I was silently cheering my father on as I quickly approached him. Then he got hit by a passing Nyran cruiser's plasma beam, and my eyes widened. I ran up to Elder Mika and bent down by his crumpled body in the grass.

"Father, Elder Mika! Are you alright?" I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.

"Yes son, student Tetran, I am fine. I want you to go back to the safe house, do not bring me with you."

"But fa-"

Elder Mika cut him off. "I have to stay. If this is the start of a war, surely, I will play a more important role in the grasp of the Nyrans."

"As you wish father, Elder Mika. I will go"

I solemnly nodded, and stood from my position. I sprinted away, glancing over my shoulder one last time, only to see my father's body being lifted into the air and enter a Nyran ship.

The Nyrans and Humans have been at war since 2387 A.D. So far both sides are at loss of many things. This school, Merinta, was built about three years before the war started, and all of the Gifted were to come here and enhance their powers. Humans live to be thousands of years old, but one hundred years is equal to three years of aging, after fifteen years of your birth. The Elders have been alive since this world started. I was the first ever student in this school, and am considered the most powerful. I have enhanced Strength, Vision and Telekinesis. The Elders are Spell Casters. Since my father is an Elder, I am able to cast spells, but only some. There are eight Elders in this world, and are all living within Merinta's walls. The leading Elder is Tesh. My father, Elder Mika is the strongest spell caster. The others are Elder Minoes, Elder Kitan, Elder Yerin, Elder Tolkez, Elder Heryon and Elder Fasth. Strange that they are called Elders, because they really do not look a day past forty. They are the ones who have protected this school since the war started.

I Sensed beasts of the Nyrans' approaching me. The beasts are large, cyborg creatures with thick fur blends them into their surroundings, and their claws are metal blades. There was adrenaline pumping through my veins, and I ran faster, until the beasts could no longer chase me. However, I was still running through the woods, ducking under low branches and following the trail to the safe house in the center of the forest.

The safe house is a long rectangular prism that has long lights going from one side to the other. There was a metal door in the center of the place. The safe house was built into the side of a mountain, and the other side of it was camouflaged by a spell, so you could walk right by it and not even know that it was there. Only humans could see through the spell, Nyrans could not. The Nyrans are all technology, we are more magic.

I ran through the open metal door just as Elder Tesh was leading the last stragglers into the complex. Elder Tesh then locked the door with a spell., and bolted it shut for good measure.

The safe house was protected by spells of The Elders. It included a small kitchen, one bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower, and then one giant room with a projector screen, crates with essentials like blankets and food, and an intercom system that connects us to the other safe houses in the world. The place was not that big, but it was large enough for all seventy students in dark blue cloaks, and the remaining seven Elders. No one could tell that Elder Mika was not in their presence.

Everyone was gathered in the large room. The students were in one huddled group, shocked to silence, but seeming thankful that everyone made it. No one thought that the Nyrans could, or would ever attack us. The Elders were in a semi-circle away from the students, murmuring to one another.

Then there was static on the intercom system, and the projector screen became fuzzy. Someone was trying to contact us. The closest Elder to the intercom system switched it on, turning up the volume, making the speaker's voice come in clear. A picture materialized on the screen in front of us. It was the Nyran leader. It's blue tinted skin, intimidating height, and diamond shaped eyes were the features that identified it as the leader. The other Nyrans had green tinted skin, and a less evil look to their eyes. The leader was dressed in decorative robes, with many weapons stashed in it's belt and behind it's back.

"Well, well, well! It seems that The Elders are running from danger, are they?" The Nyran stated in an all to cheery voice. It smiled cruelly. It's tone of voice was too care free for the events that have just taken place.

The elders replied by shaking their heads, they are only trying to protect themselves and the students. The Nyrans can get really nasty in their attacks, and no one wants to be a part of it in our school. This safe house has been used many times for that reason.

"Are you missing something?" the Nyran asked. "A protection spell... a person?" The voice was teasing them now. "No, none of those. You're missing an Elder, aren't you? The most powerful one maybe...?"

The Elders started murmuring under their breath, I just hung my head, knowing that I should have reported to the Elders that the Nyrans have taken my father as a hostage as soon as I entered the safe house.

The voice started talking again in his cheery voice "Well don't you worry! I have your precious Elder safe and sound right here on my little 'flying machine' as you call it."

The students huddled even closer, eyes wide. A light flickered.

"You'll be missing another important thing very soon." The Nyran chuckled evilly.

"So close your windows and stay indoors. This will not, and I mean, really won't be a pretty sight."

The Nyran's image rippled and disappeared from the screen, and only it's voice could be heard. The remaining students looked toward The Elders, asking if all was true. The Elders silently nodded their heads with a serious expression on their face. We sealed the windows with metal covers, not knowing what the Nyrans had planned.

Then the voice started counting down, whispering... "...Five... Four... Three... Two..." The Nyran let out a muffled laugh, "...One!"

There was a flash of light, and for a second the world went black, then the sky was lit up dimly. Elder Tesh, followed by all of the other Elders motioned for them to open the windows, creating a flame in their hands because of the lack of light in the room. Some of the students rushed to the windows, sliding the metal away to see what the Nyrans had done. I peeked out, shocked at what I saw. Balls of fire showered down at the Earth like a waterfall of meteorites. Everyone took a step back from the window, eyes wide in amazement and fear as the most important thing in the world came showering down, shattered like glass.

The only thing that was going through my mind was that the Nyrans just destroyed the sun... and they are going to pay. The sun is our only source of energy and it has been that way since the war started... for one thousand seven hundred and seventeen years. We have no other power source, magic does not work in that way. It will work for protection, but it is like a living being. It will not work as a power source, like the sun.

The sun was made millenia ago by Faeries, now it is part of the world. A long time ago, there was a Faerie that had the ability to foresee the future. That Faerie had a vision of this planet becoming inhabited by a race that would save them from their extinction. But that race did not live on for long because the planet was not capable of having the right characteristics for them to live in. So, the Faeries spent years adjusting everything so that the planet would be perfect for that race to live long enough to save them from extinction. There used to be a group of Faeries that lived here, right within this very forest, to make sure that the humans did not do anything that would affect their future, other than save them.

The Faeries are the most powerful being that we know to be alive. They are an independent group, and they fight for themselves. Now they are all gone... just like my father, and the hopes of everyone in this world.

The seven Elders slowly made their way to the door, most likely thinking that the only way that the Nyrans will stop hurting us with their technology is if the seven of them go to their flying machine and defeat the Nyran people themselves. However, I did not think that that would be a good idea. I ran up to some crates and stood tall on top of them, taking the hood of my dark blue cloak off of my head.

"Elder Tesh!" My voice boomed from across the room. "You cannot go!"

I took a deep defiant breath, knowing that anyone was not allowed to question The Elders and their actions.

"They want to gain control of all of the Elders. They already have Elder Mika, my father. If they get to the rest of you, then this world will be lost. The Nyrans will win the war."

Elder Tesh stopped in his tracks, the flame going out in his hand.

"Then so be it," And stepped out into the remains of the forest, with the six other Elders following.