Armoured death

A completely new take on the legend of King Arthur

Chapter one

However no longer

I pine the ransom note to the bed post, and throw a few thing around to make it look like there has been a struggle. Then I pick up my saddle bags, I wear a plain red dress, and large metal belt, which I now cover with my thick woolen cloak the maid had swapped me.

I grab my father's sword I have stolen; I tie it to my waste. I grab the saddle bags and fling it over my right shoulder. This contains food, water ECT. My hair is in a plat over my left shoulder. I wear my necklace (one I got when I was a child).

I put the hood up and climb out the window. Having made my way to the ground I run to the stables where a horse waits for me. I put the saddle bag on the mares back behind the saddle and use the tie to secure it to the saddle. I mount and urge the mare on, and as we charge to the exit, I look back to see the 'Camelide manor', my home, however no longer. I urge the mare into the dark cold wood ahead.