Chapter ten

Calibur regent in manu et semel, et futurum regem

Five weeks later…

We sit in the large throne room, at a banquet table. The king sits at the head of our table, Arthur to his right, then my father followed by my mother and I. other men from the court and their family sit at our table.

My father and mother had returned home when I had gotten most of my strength back which was in a few days, I had stayed. They had returned today for the banquet, and would leave soon; I would be leaving with them to spend a couple of weeks at home 'family time'.

I blow my hair out of my face in frustration, I much preferred it back and out of my face, but my mother had insisted I wear it down tonight. My deep purple dress itches my arms, where the fabric turns from a silk to a tine lace, and I resisted the urge to scrat. I look up to my right wear Myrddin severs wine to the people at the table, a smirk on his face, which I'm sure has to do with my discomfort.

Arthur and I hadn't had much time to talk since I had awoken; I had watched him fight in tournaments rematch, after my dismissal. I had had sorrow in my heart at not being able to compete in the match. But Arthur had worn my colours on his arm which lifted my spirits greatly.

Myrddin and I had been sneaking out of the castle at night to practice my fighting skills, using all sorts of weapon, each time I had taken Calibur, but she still remain bare of words no matter what we tried. But even though she no longer had the magnificent beauty her power was great and both Myrddin and I could feel her power growing inside us each time we held her. Sadly I hadn't been able to go to the lake to search for the scabbard, I had wanted to, even though I didn't think I would find anything.

Tonight Myrddin and I were meant to practice but, to my regret he had cancelled. I had decided to speak with Gloriana tonight instead, so after I endure the dinner I slip to my new room in the south wing of the castle, without speaking to anyone. I didn't feel comfortable in the hall anyway, to many of the other court members were eyeing me, weather it was the parents looking to gain more power by marriage, or their son looking for a good time, their sly grins my way making me shudder. But to my satisfaction Arthur seemed to be on edge the whole time, glaring at the boys who dare to look at me in a wrong way.

I open my door and shut it behind me. I lock the door and walk to wear I keep Calibur. I kick a wooden panel by the window, and there behind it she lies wrapped in a heavy red material. I remove the fabric and slid Calibur into my belt, and wrap my old cloak around my shoulders. I open my window and climb door the wall until I'm a balcony below, which belongs to one of the empty guest room. I climb into the window and once I make sure the cost is clear run to the passage that lead to Gloriana.

"lux" I shot as I descend to the cave beneath the castle, the passage was lit in seconds. Once I reach the end of the passage which opened into the cave I called out her name.

"Hush child" her loud voice replays as she lands in front of me.

"Tell me please, why I was given this sword, and am no longer able to use her like I did before.

"Child, the sword has a great power and was fashioned for one man. You were given the sword as your role in the story is just as important, without the sword you would have die that day" she replays.

"Arthur, it was made for him, Calibur belong to him" she nodded

"He is the once and future king, Calibur was fashioned so that the kingdom would know he was there king, Calibur is the strength, the scabbard was the power"

"I'm I meant to give it to him" I ask

"In a way child, give it to Myrddin; he should then put it somewhere safe, because in the wrong hand it could do great evil. You should return to the banquet" she says I nod, not knowing what to say.

"Okay" I mumble and turn to leave.

"Knight" I turn back around, she had never called me that before "you still own me a debt, I will collect" she smiled her dragon smile and flew off into the darkness.

I return to the banquet, the chatter almost deafening after the silent of the cave. I had returned Calibur on way back. I pick up a glass of wine and walk to a quiet corner of the room. No one seemed to have noticed my absences. I stood there for what seemed like hours waiting for I don't know what. I was just about to leave and go to bed when Arthur approached me.

"My Lady" he greeted me, he wears his entire armour, and looked exactly like a knight in shinnying armour should. I return his smile,

"My Prince" I nod my head I respect.

"May I speak to you?" I nod "more privately?" I nod once more, but my stomach dropped. But none the less I held out my hand and he took it leading me to a large balcony on the left side of the hall. We look out at the rolling hills of his kingdom, both not wanting to break the silent, the chatter from the banquet so distant. Finally Arthur spoke,

"Gaynor," I look at him, a forced smile on my lip, this was it, and he didn't like me like I liked him. How childish did I sound, he was a Prince and this was not my fairy-tale. "I've know you as both a Lady" he smiled sheepishly there, but pressed on "and as just a girl, you have a heart so pure and good, it captured mine. Your spirit and bravery, you are truly a knight in your own right, Lady Gaynor Camelide," he took my hands in his "would you do me the honour of becoming my once and future queen" my breath court in my throat. This was my fairy-tale; I had come here hoping to escape my heritage, only to be asked to become a queen. I look up into his cerulean eye, and there it was the power inside me, growing, his love for me and my own for him,

"yes," I breathed a smile covering my whole face, there was movement behind Arthur and Myrddin stepped out, he hand a beautiful gold ring to Arthur, a diamond, with a slightly blue tint, that looked a little like the jewels in Calibur's hilt and scabbard, were the main feature of the simply ring.

The kings made the announcement that night, most people were happy, but some looked cheated. The night passed by so quickly, I was just so exultant. I went to bed, a smile on my face as I fell into a blissful night's sleep.

We would marry in the coming spring and I would be crowned princess then also. I would return home for the two weeks, then I would return to Camelot were I would stay. My life was on a good track now, I still had my secretes but I was happy. I would have adventure, and continue to practice my fighting.

Two weeks later…

Myrddin and I stand in the forest in amongst the old ruins of a former castle, the horses tethered close by. I hold Calibur in my hand, I hand her to Myrddin, he walks forward to were what's left of the stone throne is left standing, now really just a large stone in the middle of a great hall. His eyes flash a gold almost identical to the gold of the word that once covered Calibur. He draws her back and drives Calibur into the stone, a light so blindly, just like before shines. But is gone almost instantly, when I look back, Myrddin had embedded her in the stone. His eyes flash again, and the word "Calibur regent in manu et semel, et futurum regem, fidum militis by latus et a legend nascetur" are chiselled into the stone. He walks back to me, and we walk back to the horses. I look back over my shoulder and we walk into the dense wood, and then just for a moment I see her as she was in all her glory and I know she will be again.

("Calibur will rule in the hand of the once and future king, his loyal knight by his side and a legend will be born.")