Once upon a time there was a magical dragon. And this dragon's name was Spinecrawler. He was called this because he had Four foot long spikes growing out of his back. His head reached the roof of a second story building. He lived alone in the mountains for about 650 years of his life. Then when the war ended between the elves and dwarves, a lone elf walked into the forest where he lived. Spinecrawler then ate the elf and flew into the country of the two-legggeds. When he got there, the two-leggeds worshiped him like a God. But he hated the elves. And the dwarves annoyed him to no ends. So he went to the elves' country and tore them limb from limb.

He enslaved the queen and ate her husband, and melted down all their gold. For he thought that it was tainted with their touch. Using the melted down gold, he encased their queen, who was still living, in a tomb and poured the melted gold on her. With the elves' durability, the Queen survived the brutal onslaught. Then Spinecrawler took a week of blowing upon it so it could cool off, and then by enslaving the minds of the elves' he forced them to use their magic to freeze their queen. Then Spinecrawler smacked the tomb and the gold encased Queen fell out, in a form of a block. Then using his master skills, he chiseled the outline of the Queen and made a golden stand for her to stand upon. With that he placed the still living Queen upon a slab of marble at the entrance to the once proud Elven capital, so all who entered could see that he was master of the nation.

Then he enslaved the rest of the nation with his mind, and forced them to cut down their beloved forest. With this he showed his dominance to the other nations. He then he used the thousands of trees to build a mighty forest. The elves were so dismayed that hundreds of them broke free of his control to kill themselves through means of magic. Many others threw themselves in the lakes to try and break free completely by throwing themselves in the icy-cold waters of the their lakes. Only to find themselves being sucked into the currents and smashed against the rocks, killing them through a combination of drowning and battering. These bodies floated through the numerous rivers dotting the countryside and eventually the humans began taking notice of them. Fear stung them, for whatever could destroy so many elves could certainly wipe out all of mankind. Most of the bodies were removed from the waterways before they could make it through all the way to the Dwarf kingdom, so they knew nothing and were ignorant as fools.

Soon the Dwarves began to notice that the elves were no longer sending them supplies that they needed. So they sent an armed embassy over to the once Elvish lands to demand their supplies. The party soon came upon the barren land and were stumped. But they continued on, nonetheless. They soon came upon the golden statue of the Queen. They were horrified and tried to turn back, finally feeling that it was no longer safe enough for them. But they were too late. Spinecrawler came from nowhere and jumped upon their party, killing 15 of the 20 dwarves instantaneously. The remaining five threw their spears at Spinecrawler yet his scales made them bounce off like pebbles. Spinecrawler ate four of them and trapped the last underneath his huge claws, then put one large eye near the dwarf to get a closer look. The dwarf squirmed around and tried to get a grip on his weapon to blind the dragon. Spinecrawler knew what his plan was. He broke into the Dwarf's mind and took the location of the Dwarf Kingdom out of his mind. Spinecrawler then stabbed the Dwarf through the middle with his sharp claw and took off towards the Dwarf Kingdom. When he found it he immediately assaulted it. Smashing through the stone as easily as if it were cloth. He toasted the mighty castle with his raging inferno of fire and cooked the Dwarf King and his family. Unlike the spacious Elven cities, Spinecrawler could not fit inside the Dwarf kingdom, for it was under and through the mountains, made for tiny men. He could not fit through even if he were to fold his majestic wings and crawl. So he simply spread his mind and took over the dwarves. For amusement, he pitted friends against friends and brothers against brothers. He made the peaceful violent and the weak strong. The Dwarf cities were soon overrun with bodies of all dwarves. Once the dwarves were exterminated, Spinecrawler grew weary and curled up in a volcano for some sleep. He fell into such a deep slumber that he stayed asleep for another century.

During the century the humans banded together to try and face the unknown threat. But when nothing came to them, they spread out and cleansed the lands of the Dwarf and Elf bodies. Then they took over their lands, but not once did they find hint of what had exterminated them. So they settled down and ruled the land peacefully for fifty years. Once the dragon awoke he took off and landed in the human capital. He gazed around as the humans near him dropped to their knees in fear. Feeling that he did not need his mind powers to control them, he decided to proclaim himself leader of the human race forever. The End.