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From Shadows To Light

There's this girl...

She's not young yet not quite old,
In fact by far just a child in this world,

Yet the wisdom she seeks,
Beyond her few years,
But if her questions lay unanswered,
Then pain will consume her,

How long can she last,
In a world not her own,
She can't stand much longer,

Just hold on,

Ignore they say,

But how long can a blade of grass last in a world of shredders,

She's being picked apart,
Piece by piece,

She hate's the silence,
Yet is scared of the words,

After all when the words are said,
The truth comes out,
And the world brakes,

She tried so hard, she lied and played her part,
But no longer can she last,

She's standing in the light,
Her blanket of shadows gone,
Yet the pain just as bright.

There's this girl
And well, you see

This girl's me.