Apollo walked into the viewing room and stood across from Artemis.

"So there's another one now? They seem to be appearing faster than ever." Apollo remarked. Artemis nodded absently and kept her eyes on the image in the flat oval mirror. Apollo looked down and saw the picture of a teenage girl sleeping.

"One for you. Is there another one or did you call me just because you could?" Apollo said and crossed his arms.

"Look at the sign on her arm." Artemis said and pointed at the girl's outstretched arm. The girl was on her side with her right arm stretched out under her head and her left arm was bent beside her head. It almost looked like she was holding a drawn bow. Apollo looked at the glowing circle on her left forearm.

"Like I said, she's one of yours. Take her already." he said dismissively.

"Look at it more closely." Artemis huffed. Apollo leaned in a little closer to the mirror. The circle was the size of a nickel and a small arrow was growing slowly near the top.

"Oh, no. No, she's a girl, I can't take her. You have to take her!" Apollo sputtered.

"Brother, you know the rules. I take the ones who have just the circle and you take the ones who have your symbol." she said with a sly grin.

"But you take the girls and I take the boys." he retorted.

"Yes, but the original terms of the contract state that you take whoever has your symbol and I take whoever has mine. This girl has your symbol, so congratulations. You finally got another candidate after ten years." she shrugged. Apollo groaned and shook his head.

"This girl is obviously important enough that the Fates are letting her intervene in such an important manner. Besides, it won't kill you to at least see what makes her so special." Artemis continued. A distant voice called out Artemis' name.

"Right, well, Father needs me. Do remember to pick the girl up soon, all right?" she said with an airy wave and left. Apollo looked back at the picture of the sleeping girl and growled.

"Stupid mortals keep pissing me off." he snarled and left.