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I had decided to walk down to the café, but before I could, I got a call from my mother.

"Mari, where are you? Just because it's summer vacation doesn't mean you can wander off without telling me." she said.

"Sorry Ma, I'm at the library but I'm walking home right now." I replied.

"Good, we need to talk once you get home." she said. I said good-bye and texted Ceri that I was going home and she didn't need to pick me up. I lived in a rather interesting little town. The town had originally been a favourite spot of some sort of native tribe and quite a few archaeologists popped in fairly often. We actually had a small museum of sorts, to contain the artefacts found so far, on the outskirts of the town, but our mayor refused to let anything else be built. Something about 'disrespect to our ancestors'. I wouldn't know since my mother was the one who had lived here her whole life while my father and I were imported. She wasn't a native, but she had some native friends and said that according to the legends, the natives didn't believe in glorifying themselves, hence their supposed disapproval over anything that would call attention to them.

I lived in one of the older sections of town, thanks to my mother. Since she had lived here her entire life, she knew the good property in the town and wasn't afraid to get it. She had had her eye on our house ever since she was young, but it was only after she married my father that she took the chance to buy it. Our house was a sprawling mess in my eyes, covered in vines and far too big for just the 3 of us. The inside was a bit neater, though if it weren't for my mother's incessant cleaning it would have been an even bigger mess inside. The house was built in the Carpenter Gothic style, with tall windows throughout the house that were hard to see because of how big the entire building was. But my mother loved it, my father didn't mind it, and I didn't care enough to move out or make a fuss.

"I'm home, Ma. No need to chew me out for going outside." I called out as I opened the door and walked inside. It was eerily silent...my mother liked to listen to Michael Jackson while she cleaned and if she wasn't cleaning, she'd relax by watching TV. I could detect the faint glow of our television from the hall and so I went to the living room. The TV was on, displaying an ad for recliners but my mother wasn't there.

"Ma, where are you?" I called out to her. It was extremely unlikely that she would be outside during the summer-she got sunburns easily and going to the store was one of her least favourite things to do (meaning I had to shop for groceries and the like). I decided to call her on my cell phone when I saw I had a text message from an unknown number.

Come to the café. We need to talk. I looked at it quizzically, why would my mother bother texting me from someone else's phone? She didn't want to give me one until I wore her down after 3 straight weeks of pleading. I ended up getting the ugliest and chunkiest looking phone Verizon had ('much harder to break' was her excuse) and I ended up not even bothering to use my phone that often. I tried to call back the number, but no one picked up.

I turned off the TV before walking back outside and I sighed when I saw that the sun was already setting. I went back inside and threw on an old hoodie-just because it was summer, it didn't mean that it couldn't get a little chilly at night. I'd better move fast. I thought as I ran down the block and towards the café.


I looked around carefully as I walked into the café parking lot. Carlin had already closed up (even though Ceri and I begged him to keep the café open later so more people could buy food) and there were no cars in the parking lot. I shivered a little as the wind picked up and played with my hair. I was wearing a thin black t-shirt under my hoodie and a pair of capris since it was summer, even though the wind made it feel like fall was here already. The wind finally died down and I moved on to the tables.

"Ma-ri..." I heard someone say behind me. I turned around and scanned the area. That voice sounded like a foreigner's and I didn't want to deal with some random guy who just decided to hole himself up here for who knew what reason.

"Mari? I'd like to talk to you." I heard a voice beside me this time. I jumped in surprise and quickly scrambled away. The wind had come back, a much milder version this time and it played with my hair. I brushed my hair out of my face and got my first good look at the stranger. He was ridiculously good-looking, with blonde hair, a warm smile, and indigo eyes. I distrusted him on instinct.

"Who are you and how do you know my name?" I asked, backing away.

"While I could force you to think I was any number of people, I won't bother lying to you. I'm Apollo, and I need your help."