That's all I can see...

I don't remeber what happened...

I don't evern remeber my name, or where I am, or anything...

Voices keep calling my name, well, at least I think it's my name.


It rings a bell a little but...

I still don't know anything.


I've heard that name before.

Maybe it is my name.


It's not Kaid. It's something else. I wish I knew what was going on.

Am I even consious?

Heh, am I alive for that matter?

Maybe I'm crossing over to the other side-

What the hell am I saying?

I'm not dead. Dead people don't have thoughts.

Or do they?

Why am I on this subject? I've got to find my way out of here...


I don't even feel like I'm walking at the moment.

Obviously my eyes are closed.

Why don't they open?


"Kaid! I've found you at last!"

What the hell?

That high voice.

Sounds like an old woman and a little girl at the same time. Maybe she can help me.

"Kaid, come with me. I've been sent to find you."

Yes! Come help me! Please!

Where are you?

"Why are you just standing there? Are you afraid?"

Why are you?

Come and get me.

Wait...I'm not speaking...

I'm thinking.

I need to speak.


Damn. It didn't work.

"Come on, Kaid. I haven't got all day."

Oh no, If I don't speak soon, she might go away.

Will she even be able to find me in such darkness? I can't even find myself.

"Okay...I'm leaving..."