I am on my first path. I look back and no longer see Rikiya or Luis. If I go any further, I guess I won't see them again. Now, the question is, who and what the hell are these things anyway? They're short and redish and whoa, one of them is walking up to me!

"And who may you be?" the red thing asks. "This is the land of the Dokushin. We Dokushin are the reason that this village is still alive. We work underground to get them food and water. Sometimes buildings, and no one apreciates it."

I stand back with a hands in the air and my closed in a manner saying, "Oh well, there's nothing I can do."

"I sorry about that," I reply. The said "Dokushin" takes out some large pointy stick and...hits my foot with it! Ahhhhh!

"What the hell...?!" I scream, rolling in pain, holding on to my foot.

"Yes you are sorry! Now get out of my face! Right now!"

The sound of light crackling hits my ears as the wind blows the tiny pebbles across the ground. I look up and notice that the clouds have gone gray. It looks as if it's about to rain. Ugh. I seriously wasn't trying to worry about getting wet at the moment. But it doesn't matter. I have to get short ass out my way.

Wait, he ran away. That's...weird. As I predicted, it starts to rain. Son of a bitch. Well, I ought to find something to do with myself. I look up again, rain pouring heavily on my face and sometimes my eyes as I notice an even deeper shade of darkness. A darkness of what I never seen before. This isn't normal. No way. This is something supernatural no doubt. I have to get out of here.

I turn and run quickly back to the library as the darkness quickly surrounds my path. I'm pissed now, only that it doesn't really feel like anger. It's more or less fear. I run to the other direction, actually surprized to want to see the little midget again.

Eventually, I do find him but he wants nothing to do with me. He just glimpse me and continues to run. I don't know what I'm doing this world, so I follow him to his little village of little red midgets. They all hide underground, where I can't fit in. Now I'm lost. I don't know what to do now. I look behind me and notice the darkness is nearly pressing against my back. I'm praying to God that I don't end up blacking out again. There's a chance I won't wake up after that because I don't know what this is. I have no choice but to get into the whole the best way I can. There's no going back now. God, I wish Luis and Rikiya was here. They're the only ones I can trust...or can I trust them?

Desperatly, I dig into the ground. The midgets yell at me instantly. I ignore them as I continue you dig into the ground. The darkness is getting closer. The feeling of fear is driving hard against my spine, almost harder then what I figure to be a death cloud crawling deeply agaisnt my neck. God, I'm about to die.

Suddenly, I am pulled under the ground by the tiny hands of the very first midget I found here.

"Take cover," he commands as the sights get darker. I am being pulled underground with the other Dokushin. I land in a cave that was obviously made before all this happened. This thing is huge!

"Excuse me for my behavior of earilier," the Dokushin apologizes as we walk quietly to a deeper, darker area of the cave. "You saved my life. Had you not have come, I would've been killed by the clouds."

"You mean that extreme darkness that was behind me?" I ask. "You got it all wrong. You saved me. That death cloud would've killed me if you hadn't been around. I don't even know what I'm doing around here."

"No, with your lack of understanding of the area, I was attracted to you and therefore being attracted away from what was seconds away from swallowing me up," the Dokushin explains. "The death clouds were coming from two ways, behind both of our backs they were and for saving my life, I will become your guardian. Moki is who I am."

"No, you got it all wrong," I hesitate. Moki won't listen to me. He continues to lead me down the cave. As far away from the crowd as possible.

Oh my God! Luis! Rikiya! Did the death cloud get them? Are they safe? Are they...dead? Well...if so, I'm just going to have to follow Moki for now. With him as my so called "guardian," I guess I can trust him to get me out of here...or do I belong here? Is this my origin. Ah...thinking again. I can't keep worrying myself like this. What matters now is that we stay as far away from the death cloud as possible.

"Moki," I call. He turns to me.

"Yes, Sir?" he answered respectfully.

I plan to ask him where I am, instead, I blurt, "My name is-" I stop and think of what Luis and Rikiya have been calling me. Kaid. I just know that's not my name, but I have no choice but to tell him that now.

"...Kaid," I finish. Moki cracks a slight smile, as if he were surprised at something and felt foolish for not knowing in the first place.

"Yes, that would've been good to learn your name," he giggles. "I never really liked talking to humans. They don't find anything satisfying, no matter what you do."

"What do you mean by that?"

"We Dokushin have build every part of this world the moment the great Akuva has ordered us to, well, at least that's what the sacred one claims. Once the land was finished, no one even bothered to say 'thank you,' not even Akuva. Everyone treats us like animals, or as if we didn't even exist, and yet we still continue to build slowly. More and more Dokushin are dying off from the death clouds and are having harder times to multiply. We are nearly extinct. The day that so happens, I look forward to looking down on you all crashing down without us. It will put a smile on my face for all eternity."

I am silent as the Dokushin speaks. His attitude agaisnt the humans and the dream he has of dying and watching misery from above for all eternity is more or less a way of getting him to Hell. I have no wishes of changing him. Everyone has their own opinion and I can't do anything about that.

"Who's the sacred one?" I ask.

"He is claimed to know all, Kaid. He gives us messages from the great Akuva and speaks frequently of his death coming nearer and nearer, causing us to fall along with him. However, he tells us not to fear because once we fall, we will all crossover to another land along with him also. He says that Lord Akuva is such a good person, that we should all be able to crossover to a good land."

As he speaks of Lord Akuva's death coming near, a cold, painful shock of fear runs quickly up my spine and even through my arms, evaporating at the tip of my fingers, but was only because of Akuva's death and not the threat of our own. Is this what the girl was talking about? Don't leave her? Who was she? Was she my girlfriend? My sister? My...?
There I go again. We have come to a stop with a group of Dokushin either standing around or sleeping, waiting for the death clouds to leave. Sleep sounds like a good idea. I lie on my side and close my eyes. I feel Moki beside me, truly making sure that nothing happens to me no matter what. He's kneeling. I guess he's at thought.

"I thought gods were supposed to be immortal..." he think aloud.

I fall asleep.