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Chapter One

You are the only Exception

The Lesson was going well. Well I'm sure the teacher thought it was going well, no one was loud, nothing was thrown and no notes were passed which was an achievement. However, this may have had more to do with the fact that 10 minutes into the introductory video that our genius teacher decided to show on a Monday morning everyone decided to take a nap.

Having been thoroughly bored, I decided to write instead. I had been working on a poem for a couple of days but I just couldn't figure out how it should end. While I was writing I was aware of someone looking at me and after a quick look could find no one staring. For the rest of the lesson I managed to finish my poem.

When the bell rang signalling the end of class I quickly packed up my stuff and escaped to my home room. There I saw most of the class was already waiting.

Ethan Crane, my boyfriend, smiled as I made my way towards him and my brother, Mathew Dare. Ethan had short blond hair, toned muscles and stood at least 6 feet tall. Mathew and I were mirror images, both brunette's. He was also taller than me, tree-like height similar to Ethan.

Ethan checked something on his phone, closing it when I reached them, without even getting the chance to greet them I was yanked back and squeezed tightly. A familiar squeal followed the hug then a chuckle.

"Nene," I gasped "C-can't breath"

She released me and giggled again, I breathed heavily and turned to face my best friend, Eternity Salvatore. She had long, platinum blonde hair with one bang that framed her flawless face. Two large, endless, ocean blue orbs accompanied her alluring face. And a big grin telling me she had a secret she desperately wanted to share with me. Beside her, my other best friend, Rylan stood his dark brown spiky hair contrasted with his hazel eyes and olive skin; He was also one of those tree-like guys with the thick muscular body.

"W-What is it Nene?" I gasped.

She grinned, "Rylan and I-" my eyes widen "-are together now".

"Oh my god" I squealed throwing my arms around her, "My two best friends, how cute!"

Mathew slapped Rylan on the back, "Sweet now we can triple date"

Nene and I babbled for a few minutes when our notoriously late homeroom teacher Mr. Campbell entered the room. We dispersed to our given seats. Mr. Campbell sat on his desk and stared at us for a long time. He had a head of silver hair styled into a military cut. He was well toned and a naval officer before becoming a teacher.

"Hello student how has your sophomore year been so far?" Mr. Campbell asked. No one put their hand up so he continued; "Well I haven't gotten any complaints yet, Mr. Dare-" Matt sat up suddenly "-I'd like to keep it that way."

Matt laughed, "Sir I'll try to keep the damage to a minimum this time around"

Mr. Campbell said dryly, "Well with that out the way we have a new student. You all should remember her. Jessica Maxwell?"

"Jessica?" I repeated my eyes narrowing to slits.

The door opened once more and silence covered the room as a tall girl with long lean legs entered. Her outfit consisted of a white tank top and a hot pink mini-skirt with tasteful white tights under it. She wore some matching converse shoes and her hair was let loose to cascade over her shoulders. Her green eyes scanned the room with excitement and her face lit up with joy. There were wolf whistles and some claps. Squeals ran through the room and a couple of jeers were added into the mix.

"Hey, she's cute" Phillip muttered.

"JESSI!" Hailey yelled jumping up from her seat to hug her long time best friend. The red head was then tackled to the floor as her old friends crowded around her.

"Why is she back?" I asked trying not to show my anger. "I thought she transferred to some modeling school"

Her brother thought for a minute, "Rox, calm down. It has been a year since you and Jess-" he stopped suddenly catching the stare his sister sent, "uh never mind"

"Well Mrs. Maxwell, you need no more introductions. Welcome back. Okay guys, tomorrow we need to discuss class officers. Think of the person you want to our class rep." He stood

"That's all you can go."

Members of the class trailed out of the room, I pushed my books into my bag and looked over at Ethan, and he was staring intently at the red head.

"Hey Jessica" Mathew said warmly as he could as Gwen made her way towards him, "Welcome back. You've grown."

"So much has changed Jessica," Gwen said blushing, looping her arm through Matt's after he pulled away.

"Hmm?" She said curious "Like what?"

"A lot," Eternity said coldly. She still had the scar on her back from a prank Jessica pulled when they were freshmen.

"I see" Jessica smirked, "Ethan!" She squealed as her cat eyes found him

She ran and pounced, throwing her arms around his neck. Her long legs constricted around his waist and she pressed her lips to his. Ethan seemed to have forgotten I was even there. Without a word I left the room, i wouldn't let her get to me. Someone followed me but I wasn't sure who it was.

Jessica pulled away from Ethan and stood on her two feet, "So Matt where is your sister?" Jessica asked licking her lips, "I do miss her"

"Uh-" Matt stared at Ethan, who was already through the door. They all knew Jess was brash but this was whole new level even for her."

"Wait. What's going on?" Jessica asked grabbing Mathew's arm before he could run off. "Talk?"

"Ethan and Roxanne are together."He said off handedly with a smirk.

The redhead released him, a snarl forming on her beautiful face. She had a long pressed vendetta against the younger Dare twin. Since they were little both girls hated each other and competed fiercely at everything. Damn it, she thought, Roxanna Dare why can't you stay away from what's mine.

Ethan thought as caught up to her at her locker "Roxie, why'd you just disappear?"

"Ethan in case you are totally blind you just made out with your ex-girlfriend in front of your current girl friend. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that?"

"Rox" he started.

"What?"I questioned angry.

"You know Jess, she doesn't think?"

"And you didn't think to pull away" I asked trying to push past him when he grabbed me and forced me to look at him. "I hate Jessica"

"Hates a strong word...?" he asked.

"Ethan, she's tried to ruin my life since my freshman year. She almost killed my best friend. So excuse me if I have to use a strong word to describe how I feel about her" I glared at him.

"You know that Jess and I compete over everything. Why do you think you would be any different?"

He laughed "Jessica is my past, I didn't love her, and hell I barely liked her. But you mean so much more to me, don't you realize that by now..."

"You were with her before, she sees you as her property, and I just took a loan." I said livid now. "And I guess-"

I was cut off when I felt his warm lips pressed onto my own. He took the lead and I gasped this kiss was different...it had a strange newly found passion and it was more aggressive unlike before. And that moment of sweet bliss was ruined with...

"ROXANNE DARE!" Jessica screamed, running towards us.

I pulled away from Ethan's embrace, the others streamed behind her. Our faces were red as we tried look nonchalant, he failed miserably. "Uh hey guys"

"Remember we have plans this weekend," Eternity grinned pulling me away, "No guys. Just you, me and our fantastical weekend!"

I forced a grin back "How could I forget Nene"

"Latter Jessica," Nene smirked and she looped her hand threw mine and we walked off.

That evening I stood outside the Salvatore mansion, a navy overnight bag thrown over my shoulder. My hair was down in slight curls, and I was wearing pink flip-flops with cherries decorating them. I had on a white tank top with a black skull on it, a green vine trailed out of the left eye socket of the skull. It was connected to a red rose which had glitter on it; over the skull was a gold halo, held up by two red horns. And over this design, in old medieval print, were words in black 'I'm an angel'. And on the back were the words 'the horns are just to hold the halo up'. I matched it with white shorts.

The door opened... "Uh...who are you?" The guy asked not recognizing the girl before him.

He had amazing dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, but a different type of blue than Eternity's eyes. His hair fell into his eyes. He had black jeans on and a brown shirt which had gold clocks over it. Surprisingly he also had on dark nail polish.

The way he looked, I could tell this was a 'bad boy' type of guy. He looked me over; His eyes skimming over the words on the shirt. I felt a little nervous and awkward, and then of course he smirked. Eternity never mentioned her now totally hot brother was home, curse her.


"CAL LEAVE ROX ALONE" Eternity screamed. She pulled the guy out of the way to yank me inside. She was wearing Indian styled, brown, moccasin slippers. She had on a cute brown halter top that matched the style of her slippers. For her pants, she wore white shorts. And for once, her bangs were out of her face and her hair was down in slight curls. "Roxie, you remember Callum, my very annoying College brother, he came home this weekend."

"Joy" My cheeks were pink.

"Yeah" she pushed a lock of hair behind her ear, "He's a pervert now so watch out for him, ok?"

"Yeah", I giggled. We went up to her room and put my stuff away.

Saturday night and he was sitting outside, he absolutely refused to go back to the house. His sister and her cute friend in the shorts were playing some singing game. He had to admit she was good; her voice was nice, compared to Nene's.

Callum had left to sit on the edge of the small stream that rang behind their house, he particularly enjoyed this spot. This spot always provided some sort of inspiration when he felt like drawing. Today though he was stumped. Restless probably.

At least it wasn't sweltering hot. The breeze blew about his long gold locks. A few stray strands pestering his eyes, he swiped them behind his ear. He doodled in his sketchbook and found himself testing out and mixing shades of yellow and red, why he wasn't sure. He must have really been bored trying to find the exact shade of her hair. When that failed he tried mixing the colour of her eyes.

He hadn't remembered her but she had remembered him. She was blonde before, right, the clumsy ditzy blonde girl with the fiery temper. She used to tease him about his acne and he would tease her by call her 'dumb blonde'. She was cute back then too.

"I'm hungry" I gasped when 'I kissed a girl by Katy Perry' trialed off. I felt exhausted and fell into the arm chair swinging my legs over one side. "Nene, what do you have?"

"I think we have some Hawaiian Punch in the fridge, grab me one, and if you're hungry don't eat the yogurt." She dropped herself to the floor her hair cascading in waves over her shoulders. "Hmm, shall we do Pitbull's Calle Ocho next" She asked.

"Sure, but why can't I have yogurt?" I questioned pouting.

"It's Callum's Yogurt, he hates when people eats it." She said flipping through CD's.

My phone started to vibrate; I fished it out the crevices of the chair. It was Blaine; again, he was my stalker ex boyfriend. I hung up without a thought and turned back to her. "Blaine seriously needs to stop calling me." I groaned

"His lost remember? Don't give in Rox, remember he dumped you"

"Ok," I nodded sitting up. I went to the kitchen and caught Callum eating yogurt around the island. Easiest way to annoy Callum is to eat his yogurt, I noted. He looked up when I entered.

"Hmm, is it me or did it just get cold in here?" he asked. His messy locks fell into his eyes plastered to his neck. His shirt clung to his skin and the outline of a very impressive six pack could be seen.

"Har Har, Callum," I rolled my eyes opening the fridge and grabbing a Hawaiian punch. "So why do you like yogurt so much?"

"It tastes good" He mused.

I noticed the sketchbook laying next him; casually I sipped my drink then put it on the counter. He looked away and I made a quick grab for it. He growled. "Give it back snowflake"

"Snowflake? Oh it's on" I smirked. We fought for some time as he tried to get it back and I held it out his reach. He was confused, she was really flexible and every time he thought he'd catch her she slipped out of his grasp.

Once they came so close he almost kissed her. "I have a boyfriend" She stammered pushing the book into his chest and pulling away an interesting red colour.

He laughed, "I'm not interested in you snowflake. You're not my type, I prefer red heads"

My face darkened and I brushed past him. "Doesn't everyone."

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