Chapter 1
Eating Pancakes With Spoons

'He's such a picture while he sleeps.' That would be the description to anyone that lays eyes on him. His features are so soft, so young and innocent. His hair is messy and dark brown, and falls loosely over his face and sensuously over his lips. His eyes, when open, are so magnificent: an even darker brown, so deep and tenebrous that they seem to go on for eternity.

Stop it! Stupid brain, you're not allowed to think like that! I roll over anxiously so not to face the boy any more, but he's just god-like? Mm... STOP!

'Oh Aiden, if you even knew.' I say, turning back over helplessly and whispering to him as he sleeps serenely.

I'm not gay! Oh, no. It's impossible. I have a girlfriend for God's sake. I'm not gay! I don't fancy boys for a start, but him...Aiden, ARGH! I. Am. Not. Gay! So why, why, why did this have to go and happen? Aiden, still sleeping, snuggled into my chest. I automatically move the hair off his face, prompting the sleeping Aiden to wrap his arm under mine and around my waist. Shit, Grey. Don't fucking do this to yourself. I do of course. I lie here, feeling the breathing motions of my friend's chest brush against me occasionally. I rest my head on Aiden's, keeping my eyes open and looking along the shadow of his defined cheekbones. This is a rare opportunity, and I figure that I can't really move anyway so I may as well make the most of what isn't particularly a bad situation.

Aiden's eyes opened lazily after my movement. He looked up and saw me holding him in my arms and wasted no time lingering. In shock of what was happening, Aiden moved away and lay on his back almost too quickly and seeming more alert and stopping all contact.'What the hell just happened?' He probably thought, but hopefully not awake enough to dwell on it.

'I know I'm irresistible, but you have to stop spooning me in my sleep, weirdo. I don't care if you are my best friend.' Spoon me all night and all day please? And maybe even fork me? Shh; you're annoying me now. At least he didn't notice I had already been fully awake and watching him sleep. Best friends. For 17 years now actually, since we were bouncing babies. Oh he smells so amazing, I just want to kiss all over him.

'Oh, don't worry, I won't tell Kate.' He said in a cheeky, tired kind of way and jokingly poking his fingers in my holey pyjama top which I assume was meant to be seductive. I attack him in return until he lets me actually spoon him - after a few months you learn to hold back feelings - and pray I don't get a hard on because he only sleeps in his boxers and coincidentally has an incredibly hot body. 'Perv.' He protests weakly, but we stay in position because partly we both know it's only a joke and partly because no one moves away. Sigh.

Don't worry, we joke about like this all the time, so it's ok. It's normal.

Fine! I know it's totally weird. And wrong. But, the heart wants what the heart wants I guess. Cringe.


I woke up, still spooning Aiden, have I died and gone to heaven? 'Morning babe. You were soo good last night.' I hear him pipe up cheerfully in his witty way. I kick him, and tell him 'As if you'd ever get this body.' I hate how flirty we are. He's sat on the side of my double bed now, pulling his shirt on. Tensing his sexy back muscles, too. 'Pft. You'd come running.' He says in a matter-of-fact tone. 'Come on, your Mum's making pancakes.' He whips the covers off the bed in an effort to get me up. I do, and begin to pull on our incredibly enticing yellow and black themed school uniform, it's too early to think. Me and Aiden may have stayed up all night playing video games and surviving on RedBull and smartie cookies. We do know better, the problem is we're just so easily distracted. Nothing at all to do with how competitive we are. Naturally, as with most things, he always wins. Even though I'm the one with a girlfriend and he's never had a girlfriend in his life, he has always been the leader due to his immaculate muscular build. Not that it bothers me. I quite like to be dominated. Heh.

As stupid as this sounds, whenever me and Aiden have sleepovers my Mum makes pancakes like she used to when we were kids and we gave her an hour of begging each morning. Fortunately, he happens to stay alot.

I go downstairs and he's already sat pouring syrup over a trademark 5-pancake-high pile. What a pig. We eat our pancakes, grab our bags, and begin the five minute walk to school. 'Bye, Mum!'
'Bye, Mrs Grey!'

'Hey guys, how are ya?' Kate was waiting for us outside my house to walk with us to school. Oh, why must you be so innocent and pretty? Luckily Aiden interrupted my train of thought. 'Kate! Oh! Ander made me feel things I've never felt before last night!' He pretended to moan and shiver. 'You're lucky to have him.' He winked, and walked slightly ahead leaving her for me as she rolled her eyes and smiled.

As you are probably aware of by now, I am in a horrible mess.