I know I have a terrible habit for starting chapters with sex. Butttt, find me one slash reader who doesn't like the real mxm scenes! There is never an excuse not to write it :p

Chapter 7
Turning Corners

'Hey! That was totally a foul!'
'You're a foul!'
'That doesn't even make sense, you sexy idiot!' He hits me playfully, until we're rolling on the floor wrestling. He pins me down, his expression quickly changing from a smile to serious and subdued as he stares into my eyes while straddling over me. He leans in and kisses me hard, running his fingers through my hair and biting my lip. I wrap my arms around his body and pull him closer to mine, grabbing his shirt and lifting it over his broad shoulders. I take control, and push him over onto his back (moving the Xbox controller he just lay on) and lean over his naked upper body. I kiss him softly, and sit up to take off my own shirt off. I smile teasingly, both sat with our chests out, and run my finger over his toned, rough body and even trace over the scar from when he fell off my Dad's motorbike. I reach for his trouser button and undo it and carry on to undo the zipper - feeling Aiden's arousal. 'Ohh Leander...' He begins to moan before I've even touched him. It's already hard when I get it out so I run my tongue from the base to the top, and come up again to undo my own zip while still touching Aiden with the other hand.


Although the sex has come very naturally, we aren't quite cuddlers yet. We lie on our backs on his bedroom floor, so close our hands are secretly holding. I brace the first move, which in this case isn't the instigation for sex but instead hugging. I move my arm around him, and he willingly follows. He rests his head and soft dark brown hair on my shoulder and his hand on my stomach. This is perfect. I still feel the heavy breathing motion of his chest on mine.

I look around Aiden's familiar room. A sofa in the corner covered in blue cushions and blankets - now with my top draped over it - and posters of Indie Rock bands spread across his walls. His walls are white and despite the stereotypes all of his things are neatly put away onto shelves or drawers or in their correct places: his iPod, laptop, deodorant, weights. He's quite sophisticated really. His tidiness always impressed me, compared to my heap of a room. Just another thing that makes him awesome. I squeeze him closer to me, and he reaches up and kisses my cheek. This is the gayest we've ever been. And the happiest I've ever been.

'What do you think my parents would do if they came in now?' We laugh.
'I think they'd be thrilled. You've done well to get a guy as great as me.'
'I know, you really are incredible, aren't you?' He looks at me with his glint.
'Seriously though, I don't even think they'd be surprised.' He stands up and pulls on his shirt, throwing me mine. 'Leander,' He said, collapsing on his double bed, 'I want to tell people.'
'I know.' I say quickly, so I don't seem too hesitant and can stall for time with my thoughts. I knew he'd bring it up. I guess I was just in ignorant bliss. Definitely bliss. I know I want him. Obviously, I want him. Why can't we just stay as we are now? I didn't even think twice about being with him, but this means a lot more than saying I'm going out with Aiden (Mm). It would be my, our, coming out. It would change everyone's opinions of us. Not that they don't think we're gay already now. They don't believe it though. I don't know how long Aiden's known he was gay, but I've gone from being in a straight relationship to a gay relationship over the course of four days; I need to sit down and think at some point. Will it be to much too fast? What will everyone think? I already got shit today.

'Don't they all already know?'
'Leader, come on. Ashley Bridge spreading the fact we openly kissed does not count.'
'Who would we tell?'
'Everyone? Friends, family, everyone.'
'Are you really that serious about me?'
'Are you serious about me?'
'Yeah of course I am, don't be stupid.'
'Don't call me stupid. Look, I want everyone to know you're mine Leander.' Damn, he knows exactly what to say to me. 'I'm not going to play games Ok? I like you, like a lot. I'm your best friend for God's sake. I can tell this makes you uncomfortable so I'll give you a few days to think this over, and If you don't know by then you never will.'

I get up and sit next to him on the bed (slightly relieved I'll admit) and lean my head on his shoulder and rest my hand on his thigh. He flicks my hand, says 'come on', and gets me the Xbox controller he lay on before. He puts on Arctic Monkeys, picks up his own controller, and leans against the bed on the floor to face the TV. I sit on the bed with my legs around him and we play another game of FIFA 13.


I wake up spooning Aiden, have I died and gone to heaven? I'm the little spoon, and sneak my foot in-between Aiden's calves and roll over to wake him up. We get up, have quiet morning sex so not to wake up Aiden's parents, I put on Aiden's uniform which is slightly big on me and he does my tie up for me. Before we leave his room to go to school he kisses me, smiles, and we leave.

'Ander, Aiden, Hey!' For fucks sake, why does she still insist on being so friendly no matter how much of a cold shoulder I give her? Since when did she get so needy. 'Uh, hey Kate,' says Aiden. I'm not actually sure what Aiden thinks of Kate. He either loves her for making me free and single again or hates her because she fucked over his best friend.
'Hi Ander.' Oh my god shut up.
'Hi.' There's a silence for a good few minutes when she expects us to make conversation.
'Aiden, just go round the corner up there for a sec, k babe? I want to talk to Ander in private.'
'Sure.' He says, almost sarcastically. I check Aiden out as he goes to wait round the corner. I look at Kate and as usual swear she saw and knows everything.

'What do you want, Kate?' I say, boredly and irritably.
'A second chance. Please? I'd never hurt you again.' Hurt me? Wow, I hadn't even realised her actions should have hurt me, I was just pissed off at how much of a lying slut she is. Fuck me she really is a bad person.
'Tell me honestly Kate, how long had you been seeing him before that night?'
'It was just that night. I swear. Fine, ugh. It was about 2 months. I've broken it all off now though. For you.'
'Hah!' Skank.
'I love you.' What!? She grabs me and pushes her lips on mine, and my trying to push her off looks more like I'm embracing her as I hear Aiden's voice: 'Lean-'

I shove Kate off me and run after him. 'Aiden!' I shout as he walks away from me at top speed. 'What the FUCK, Leander!? Just get the fuck away from me.'