Long forgotten

Some don't know them yet, while some never will.

Others do know them while others have long forgotten them.

They are always with us, even when we don't see them.

They're always watching; waiting for the right time to reveal themselves to someone with a pure heart, strong mind, growing imagination, and a free spirited personality.

They are a dying world's last innocence.

A hopeless mans last hope.

A broken hearts last whole piece; and the friend that we all need.

Beware though, for more than one has lost their hearts while searching for them.

They are not tame but a full fledge flame; burning themselves into the hearts of many.

They serve no master on earth, but only obey the word of God.

They are not human but neither are they full beast.

They are the purity the world has all but almost lost.

They are the hope, love, and life that is almost gone.

The unicorns…

Love them…

And they may just love you back.