A/N: Just some small thing I wrote during my job when I ran out of books to read.


"From the world of darkness I did loose demons and devils in the power of scorpions to torment."

- Charles Manson

Kill a life with one sweet motion,
Breathe in its soul for a bitter notion.
Feel all its pain and its devotion,
Take all its hope, see its distortion.

Stab the carrier!
Break the seal!
Destroy the world,
With one small deal!
From its demise,
An empty space,
The horror arise,
To fill its place.

But as you take what you earned,
Leave behind the ashes burned.
Cover up the ground you stirred,
Be careful to what your back is turned.

When it rises,
Close your eyes!
Ignore its howling!
Break the ties!
Forget your wants,
Its eyes are blind,
It only haunts,
To touch your mind.

Its lies are true; its truth is lie,
Don't let its words slide you by.
It will leave; the fear will die,
At the end your heart will sigh.

Keep the knowledge,
Gift of blood!
Your head in air!
Your feet in mud!
Grip the weapon,
A life awaits,
There's another lead-on,
There still are wraiths.

But you don't understand your sake,
As many as you kill; that many you make.
They always have another body to take,
Even you have one, just not yet awake.

"Good would be totally impotent, without the contrast of evil."

- Carolinus (Flight of Dragons)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It just started with random rhymes. Only in the middle of the last stanza did I decide to make it 'plot-ish' - making a message.

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