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Chapter Two - Recruitment

It's Shayla, writing. The next part of our story starts in the cab.

Papa thrust our bags into the boot, Jaeda crawled into the cab beside me, then bitterly slammed the door behind her. Papa gripped Mama's shoulder tight, his fingers turned white and his solemn grimace reflected our thoughts. I decided to settle down, as the journey would stretch throughout the day. I shuffled down into my seat and interlocked my fingers with Jaeda's as I turned my head to glance out of the window. It was blacked out with tape and the cab driver's compartment was completely sealed off. Jaeda muttered of solitary confinement, picking at the peeling scraps of tape.

The sudden light bore into my eyes, I squinted and handed the cab driver his cash. He snatched it greedily and shoved the suitcases into my hands as Jaeda scuffed her boots on the graffitied concrete, we call a pavement. Concrete was plastered over the buildings, creating a dull matte grey land, well it would've been if it wasn't for the graffiti. It stained the city luminous brightening up the dull governed world. The only exception to the colorful display was a glass skyscraper, the glass glinted in the light, reflecting my stature back into the reception room. Just as if staring at my sister.

Dragging our suitcases behind us we entered the glass box. A receptionist gestured towards a set of cream sofas in the corner, while furiously yelling down a pink phone. After the receptionist had fended the call, she approached us, greeting us and beckoning us through a door behind the reception desk. A corridor followed, doors surrounding us with astrology words engraved on plaques. Funnily enough, the woman, who introduced herself as Aqua, short for Aquarius, named after the room. I placed her age as early twenties, she told us that her father owned the "company" and she was to settle us in. She led us to the 'Leo Pig' room, Leo as our birthday is 22nd August and 1995 for our birth year, the year of the pig. Aqua flung open the door, welcoming us into a golden room, shimmering with glittered trees, painted on the walls to depict the African savanna. The beds were woven from reeds and the head boards distinguished a lion's mane, majestically flowing in the breeze. The furniture scattered round the room imitated the woven materials used on the beds, even the bathroom adjoined to the bedroom followed the same style. It truly was the Leo room.
Aqua departed as we dumped our suitcases on the bed, un-packing our few belongings. Papa had said we'd be travelling fairly light, as it would only be a matter of days before we returned home. His vow for our short visit kept us going, we knew that what this "company" wanted us for was going to be tough.

After our belongings were scattered round the golden room, like our own room at home, Jaeda tried the door as we were to quench our hunger. The bronze handle, worn over time jiggled and a key rested in the lock from the other side. My twin bashed the door, the hinges moaned and I rushed over to help. Aqua must have trapped us in the solitary room. All of a sudden the five star hotel feel vanished, leaving us in a solitary box. The one window was strategically positioned in the ceiling, conveying a few streaks of light across the gold, wooden planks, made into our floor. I clambered on top of my sister's shoulders, scrabbling at the lock and pounding my fist into the seemingly bullet proof glass.
A few minutes later Aqua emerged into our room, catching us in our feat of escaping. The window was slightly ajar, enough for me to wriggle through. Aqua glared at us, then scribbled something down onto an aging notepad. She took us through a maze of corridors while my sister and I insisted in knowing why she locked us in.

We eventually came to a door labelled 'Scorpio Rat Earth', I assumed this room belonged to a person born in the year of the rat and they were a scorpio, I had no idea what 'Earth' meant though, only a few of the rooms had them, with mahogany doors and hand woven mats in front. Aqua sent two quick raps at the door and it clicked open a few moments after. We followed her in and a thin weedy man stood before us, his stature towered over us however and with one tap at his desk two body guards entered the room. He reassured us, past experiences caused his caution. He introduced himself, shaking each of us by the hand.

"Welcome to my company, it'll be a pleasure to have you," He paused, clearly unsure how to phrase this, " join the team. I founded this company, Mr. Patterwell by the way. Nice to meet you... Jaeda and Shayla." He glanced at Aqua who stood behind us as he said our names, probably having no idea who we were.

Both of us smiled and he gestured towards two seats placed in front of a mahogany desk, stretching across the office like room. Several doors connected with different labels, in symbols foreign to me. We sit in the chairs and sink down into the vibrating massage feature, melting into the chair. Mr. Patterwell continued with his speech, compulsory to welcome people to the "company" we assumed.

"You're here to help us at MI5, gaining intelligence and helping out MI6 abroad. You will be given a mission over the next few days, you shall find out what this is to be within the next 48 hours. I will have my daughter inform you. Until then you will be confined to this building. You will be forbidden to make contact with the outside world, and wait! Before you protest, your father bound you to a contract several years before your birth, to make a breach of this contract would result in your death, yours and your family's entire existence will be wiped from this earth." Mr. Patterwell spoke as if he was ordering lunch, my sister and I interlocked our fingers, a bead of sweat fell down my forehead, the intense heat in the room added to my discomfort.

Neither my sister or I said a word, we departed soon after and were taken back to our rooms, the body guards trailing behind us. Aqua clicked the lock in the door, closing us off from the world. I checked the window, bolted to the frame. Jaeda gripped my hand and we turned our attention to the TV in the corner, our only form of entertainment for the long hours of confinement we spent in that room.

It was only when our food slid through a flap in the door that I realised to what extent we were trapped. I couldn't really complain though, the food was outstanding. The flap opened one way, we were unable to force it open and the seriousness of our situation rang through. Papa's promise in tatters and our hope of returning shriveled up.

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