"He take your hand, I die a little"

James Collins never liked school. Don't get him wrong, he didn't have a problem going and learning new things, he just never like how the burden of school grew more and more. Now when you had something to go to school for, well that made everything much better, albeit a little distracting. James fixed his tie to his uniform, staring at his schedule. Well, hopefully he had a fine junior year. But yet, nothing was going to make it fine. Now James liked to call himself smart; average smart, not AP or honors smart which is why he never took those classes. He didn't like having to be the one kid to copy off of someone all the time because he didn't get any of the stuff on the paper.

"Hey, what's up, James?" Was the greeting he got when he walked in the school. He nodded back, still immersed in his schedule. He wasn't socially awkward, he was able to give as well as receive. He had many friends, just not many best friends. But that didn't matter, at least not right now. Right now, his schedule mattered. He would commit himself to these classes one hundred percent if he wanted to look good for college. He rubbed his temples, yep time was moving fast. Now he had to get a job, buy a car, and move with it. Ugh, just the sound of that statement sounded horrible. Why wasn't life easy? Well, if it was, it wouldn't be life. Just like how humans wouldn't be humans if they were perfect. Nobody was perfect, but that's what made them beautiful.

He blinked hard, and tried to steady himself from the sudden dizzy spell that befell him. It must've been all those philosophical thoughts, or maybe the body that was suddenly attached to him.

"Hey James," The girl hugging him greeted.

James smiled, his brown eyes softening a little, "Hey Charlie." He squeezed her back.

She grinned, pulling away slightly to ruffle his brown hair, her green eyes holding a glint of affection that James couldn't see. She moved some of her blonde hair from her face, and pulled away completely, keeping her arm around his waist while he put his arm around her shoulder.

Speaking of best friends. To James, Charlie would always be his best friend. The bestest if that was even a word, either way, it still worked. He and Charlie had been best friends since elementary school, sticking together through thick and thin. They did have their ups and downs, but pulled together in the end, always stronger. But they had something no one noticed, something that could break the friendship. But, like always, they didn't like to dwell on it, not when it could ruin what they had.

"What classes did you get?" James asked as they walked on, looking at the school once more. Another year, another heavy burden, James always said.

He felt Charlie shrug under his arm, "Pre-Cal, Physics, U.S. History, Spanish, English, and Art."

James nodded and grinned crookedly at her, "Any AP or Honors?"

Charlie snorted, "Yeah right."

James gave her a high five, "That's what I'm talking about."

Charlie rolled her eyes good naturedly, "Please, I don't want to be the stupidest kid in that classroom, or turn out like those kids who think they're better than everyone when really they're a bunch of ignorant douche bags."

James laughed full heartedly, "That's why we're friends." He turned his head and froze, oh shit.