It's a fleeting thing


Mighty and powerful

But they never tell you

Of the things you see

The sights that follow you

To the grave and beyond

The wailing soldiers

"Mother, Father!"

They scream

But no one will come

When you are at war

You get a feeling

It is not logic

It is instinct

When a shell comes towards you

You do not think with logic

For if you did

You would just be pieces

But an instinct reawakens in you

And it is as if war sends signals for it to wake

The scream for you to duck

And you survive

The Earth beneath you

The pitiful Earth

But it does not care

As it watches its people die

The sky is lit up with lights

Bangs fill the air

It is a sight to behold


But then you see your friend

Missing an arm and a leg

Holding his bloodied hand out


Another shell arrives

Blowing him to pieces

That could've been you

A voice says

Your enemy

The pitiful people

They are just like you

Sad, lonely and distraught

Why are we fighting?

Is there a purpose?

Isn't this death justified?

The answer is...


Fighting for your country?


Fighting for someone's filthy desire to obtain more land?


War can never be justified

And it is truly horrible

But it is also gorgeous

And very dangerous

Men screaming for their mothers

Their tears dampening the caked blood on their faces

Men reduced to mere pawns

In the game of war

You could say I'm being a pessimist

But isn't it true?

A man high above started this

For what?

Selfish desires




And yet we see both sides of war

The bonds formed with people and land

And the death that ensues

Dehumanised men screaming for their Mothers

Men that are so young

A blooming flower

Trampled by the selfish toddler

Who wants the pretty rose behind it

But everyone dies eventually...


But isn't it better to let them live a better life instead of condemning them to torture?

That's what I believe

But you have your own opinions