Chapter 1

Calissa sighed as she put down her phone. Every time it rang, her heart jumped; and it had been this way for over 5 years. Part of her was glad he hadn't tried to talk to her, but she also missed him. His name didn't matter anymore, besides she refused to even think it. As always, despite herself she jumped when her phone vibrated. The message on the phone was merely an address. Throwing her blonde hair into a ponytail, Calissa stood and left her small dimly lit apartment.

"You're late," someone hissed from inside the vacant warehouse she had been sent to.

"I had to walk, what do you expect? I'm only human," she answered, but kept her final thought to herself, 'unlike you, filthy creature'.

"That is true." He muttered, "I could always change that, dear."

Calissa drew a gun from her back pocket and cocked it. She glared at the man before her; who stepped back, his hands raised, face smiling.

"You know I'll put it straight through your skull."

"I was only joking, poppet." He smiled.

"You know better than that Maxwell." A new voice said from the doorway. Without turning, Max addressed the man.

"Ah Mr. Jameson," He chuckled softly, and motioned for Calissa to put her weapon back into its sheath. Then he turned around and held his arms out in a warm welcome. "You are even later than my dear friend here," He motioned to Calissa, who kept a watchful eye on the two of them. The man, Mr. Jameson was average height probably only six foot. His hair fell into his face curtaining his eyes which were a startling blue. Calissa felt her mind begin to wonder; she shook her head and turned away. The man looked to Max.

"You're trying my patience, Maxwell." He muttered.

"I'm sure," he rolled his eyes in response. "Anyway, I am glad the two of you could make it here, isn't it a lovely place?"

"Max, do you have anything to tell us? If not I would rather like to return home to the lovely novel I was reading on this dreadful night."

"I'd have to agree," The man said.

"Can't we have a nice conversation?" Max asked.

"No," Calissa said curtly and Max sighed. His dark hair was pulled into a tight ponytail and his dark shining eyes were searching.

"I couldn't call on your… type unless I thought it was important." He crinkled his nose, in what seemed to be disgust.

"Watch your manners, dear friend." The man laughed. "She has a gun." Max walked over to the man and put his arm around him. He always had an aura of superiority no matter who he was talking to.

"Yes she indeed does Gideon. But it is one I gave her. The weapons she possesses are designed to kill the 'supernatural beings' such as ourselves. She has natural talent, and a fiery personality to fit." He winked at Calissa. "She has a good shot, for a human anyway. But her temper is through the roof, worse than any wolf I've met. Disturbing little creature," he laughed.

"Be proud, little mundane, he speaks highly of you." Gideon said, shaking his head.

"When he treats me as an equal to his kind, I will be proud. Now Max, I am through waiting." Calissa turned to leave.

"Oh darling, I was just getting to the exciting part," She could feel him smiling wryly at the back of her head. She did not turn around but continued to the door. "Don't you wish to hear about the latest downworld murders?" Calissa stopped but did not turn; she took in a deep breath before speaking.

"Murders," she asked. "Was the symbol there?"

"Not exactly, but it seems the ritual is similar and my informant tells me that there is now a second group in cahoots with this secret gang, and they are rapidly gaining allies."

Calissa was barely listening; images were swimming in and out of her mind rapidly. The man she thought shared her love was standing over her dead family, fangs bared. She felt her blood begin to boil as she saw his face in her mind endlessly. His sandy hair was hanging over his now black eyes, which had once been a comforting sight to Calissa. His mouth was covered in blood, her family's blood. Letting out an unearthly scream, she had attacked him in a blind fury. This rage had given her a temporary advantage but not for long. He pinned her to the ground and yanked her head back, to reveal her pale neck. She screamed as he put his mouth to her neck, but to her surprise the pain only lasted for a moment and she fell silent. It was then replaced by a high, a chemical in a vampire's saliva made the sting feel wonderful. A crash from the other end of the hall had awakened her from the bliss of his bite. Max and his followers had found the man and began to attack. The struggle lasted only a few moments, because the monster fell from their grip and jumped from the window. Max was the one who took her from that place.

"That monster," She whispered bringing herself into the present. "Where is it?"

"Right here," Max gestured around, Calissa looked around; there wasn't much to see in the empty, dusty warehouse.

"Where exactly, because all I see are a bunch of dusty empty crates and walls that look as if they are crumbling around us as we speak." Gideon sighed impatiently.

"The next room," he gestured to the right. Gideon looked at Maxwell with something like disdain. Calissa continued into the room, not hesitating when she reached the door.

The scene was out right disgusting. Blood was everywhere, smeared across the walls and floor. A symbol had been drawn on a window, but it was not the one Calissa recognized.

"This was Gerard's gang," Gideon muttered from the doorway. "They hadn't been active for some time, besides they were known to sell subjugates illegally, not… this." Calissa frowned.

"This looks like a ritual alright." She tried to count the bodies, but the limbs were scattered and she couldn't tell them apart.

"This wasn't just murder, this was a complete slaughter." She muttered. Max sighed and patted her back softly. Even though he skin was covered, his hands were like ice. She shivered, but not from disgust. Max was vulgar and extremely old fashion, but he had been kind to her at one time. He had saved her; he told her that what the monster had done was illegal in their world. She had been sixteen at the time; he had taken her under his care and taught her how to defend herself. And though he was not the nicest teacher, he was the best.

"So, I am guessing that you are going to help." Calissa merely nodded.

"Good, Gideon you will be her aid."

"What?" Gideon asked baffled. Max straightened his jacked and looked to Calissa apologetically.

"Go home," he whispered. When she didn't move he repeated himself louder.

"I know you want to begin, but not now, go!" He was almost shouting at her; this time she obeyed.

Gideon watched as she left the warehouse, and then listened until her footsteps had faded.

"What is this going to lead to?" He asked.

"I don't understand your question," Maxwell replied looking innocent.

"Why do you need me to aid her on this endeavor?" Gideon asked, "And why are you putting that mundane girl in danger?"

"She'd figure it out sooner or later, besides she's the best one for the job." Max shrugged as if the answer had been obvious.

"She is out for revenge; it is plain on her face." Gideon sighed. "If this investigation were to go anywhere, we could get in trouble with the council.

"My boy," Max answered. "I would never do anything without their approval." Without another word Max left Gideon, putting something in his hand as he left, a slip of paper.

An address was written on the paper, along with a note.

'She is more important than you realize.' Gideon continued reading. 'Her family was an important ally; we watched them for generations. They all have the sight. She wouldn't have known that yet, but she knows what happened five years ago and it is something she won't forget. She is the best for this because she has a reason to find this man and a reason to kill him. She has nothing to lose.' Then a date was written at the very bottom. 'Look it up.' Gideon folded the note and put it in his coat pocket. Rather than leave, he surveyed the scene one last time.