I am
The dream-weaver
The sky-chaser
The flame's messenger
The flying death
My razor-blade wings
Slice the sky like daggers.
Man fears me
Yet he adores me.

Who am I?
I am a legend
I am a loner
The destroyer, yet the creator
I am the bringer of the red flower
And I leave ashes in my wake.

Who am I?
I have been called a demon, a worm, a devil,
A beast, a monster, but I am none of these.
I have been hunted.
I am the last of my kind.

Who am I?
I sing as I fly.
I sing for the many dead
In the great long wars
That never should have been.
I hope against hope that someone

Who am I?
I am the magical
The mystical
The last dragon.
And I am alone.