"You're dead." The driver told her. But how could that be? Elaine didn't remember dying. But she didn't really remember being alive, either. She woke up in the back of a moving vehicle. Her cheek stuck to the leather and the tinted windows made it impossible for her to see the outside. An assortment of buttons made up the right side of her armrest. She pushed one and a candy dispenser popped out. She grabbed one and placed a butterscotch piece on her tongue. She spat it out. It was tasteless.

"Where are we going?" Elaine couldn't see the driver real clearly but she could tell that he was huge. Maybe if she leaned forward some, she could see out his window…

"Sit down."

She sat. So far death was boring.

"Sir, are you sure I'm dead? I don't remember dying. And I certainly don't remember getting in this particular vehicle."

"You wouldn't be here if you weren't dead. As for your memories, we've already crossed the Lethe." She slumped back in her seat and plopped another tasteless candy in her mouth. Elaine tried pushing more buttons on the door side.

"Why won't the windows roll down?"

No answer. She tried thinking back from before. She just needed something, anything from before and she would be okay. But nothing came. If she was dead, then how did she die? Her fingers fumbled along the car ceiling until a mirror flipped down. Elaine stared into it but found that her skin lacked any sign of age. Her red curls didn't even have a touch of grey in them. What if she died of old age and didn't even realize it? What if she was just taking the form of someone young? There lay the heart of the problem right there: to many questions and not enough answers.

"Sir, if I did die, then how did I?"

"I don't know."

"Do you know where I'm going?"

"That is to be determined."

"I still don't understand."

"We're here." The car suddenly jerks to a halt, pitching Elaine out of her seat. The door opens and she is falling into someone's arms, then dumped casually to the ground like a sack of flower. The ground is damp. That is the first thing she feels in her new world and it surprises her. She nervously glances up and if her heart hadn't already stopped beating, then it surely would have. Two floating skulls floated above her. Well not floating; they were attached to something. But that "something" she wasn't quite sure of because they were shrouded in heavy black coats. Looking up even further, Elaine found they had ram like horns atop those skulls. Both glared at her with empty black sockets and gestured for her to get up. She did, slowly.

"Can you take it from here?"

She jerks back, having forgotten about her driver, finally getting a good look at him. Her first impression had been correct. He was huge. Muscled arms threatened to burst out of his black suit and his skin so black it made the whites of his teeth stand out strikingly. The skulls nod and take her by the shoulder, driving her forward.

Where have you taken me? She thought as they led her away.