Welcome, I'm the manager of this store
Naturally I work for commission
Allow me to give you a bit of a tour
To help you with making a decision

First, we have this media player
Keeps you tuned in all the time
You'll double check your doors and windows at night
For fear of reports of crime

Not a headline reader I clearly see
No problem, continuing on
This next one is a real bestseller
Our stock is almost gone

Second, we have a wonderful book
Guaranteed to remove your strife
Merely absorb every single word
And let it make the decisions in your life

Not a regular reader either?
Then this last one's just for you
You'll be shocked at first glance, but give it a chance
The value is true blue

Finally, we have a group of your peers
Dressed in the latest styles
All you have to do to fit in with them
Is be pressured into their wiles

Not a reader but a writer I see
Any other person would have caved
You didn't come here to buy at all
Just to see how much you saved