There was a man who treated dirt as water
To fluidly travel across the land
He knew no others of his kind
A lone traveler seeking a home

His first encounter was an ever-changing horizon
A terrain of rolling dunes of sand
Its people looked upon him with jealousy
For while they could mingle with their grains
The ground remained solid

Driven away from the sand by its people
His search brought him to sky-reaching mountains
The rocky cliffs standing steadfast and strong
Its people, much the same, saw him as a threat
For rock hindered him no more than any other

Once again driven away, this time from fear
His path led him to a vast ocean
The crash of the waves offering brief serenity
But its people saw him on their shore, this one who would mock them
For water was in what all swam

He was driven away a final time
Not one land was willing to take him in
He saw but one solution to this prejudice surface
None of its people would have a say this time
For with his hands he dove into the Earth
And tore the world apart at its seams
In doing so found the place he sought
A core of liquid made of rock
For although his journey ended alone
He had finally found his center