Request from hotwinglover. Another 'Choose Your Own Adventure' (I'm going to call it CYOA from now on) turned fic. Review please!

Long, dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail fell over her shoulders, hazel eyes peering into the shark tank curiously. Her eyes widened as the sharks seemed to grow bulkier, their teeth longer and sharper. Ella yelped when she heard a roar from the other side of the zoo, and fell into the tank.

She comes up gasping, her hand finding a spare wooden rod. She frantically swims towards the edge, hitting one of the mutant fish on the nose when it swam to close. She pulled herself over the edge, stumbling back onto the sidewalk.

The brunette looked around, trying to find her family. They were looking at the bears when she last saw them... The bear cage was nearby, the cage busted open. Her hopes began to die, as she realized they were probably dead. 'Mom... Dad... George...' Ella held back the tears that began to come, when a deep growl was heard.

Twenty feet away, a large brown bear was sniffing at a tipped vending machine nearby. It was now looking at her, and growling. Nervously, Ella looked around frantically, all the while staying as still as possible. Slowly, she backed away, and the growling got louder. She lifted up the rod still in her hand, waving it back and forth in an entrancing manner.

"That's right... Be a good bear... Stay there..." The teen murmured soothingly, eyeing the corner that would lead to the exit behind her. She reached the corner, and, as soon as she was out of sight, bolted.

As Ella hurried along the path, a large, broken gate came into view in front of you, with 'Come Visit Us Soon!' printed in large letters above it. She was just about to make a run for the sign, when a low growling came from behind her. Ella slowly turned around, prepared for another bear, when she dropped the stick in surprise.

A small lion cub growled some more as Ella looked at it curiously. The cub's parents were nowhere in sight, probably hunting other animals or-Ella shuddered when she thought this-people. She slowly tiptoed towards the lion cub, startling it. It backed away, still growling.

When she got close enough, Ella kneeled down, gently reaching out to pick up the cub. In response, it yelped and bit her. "Ow!" Ella muttered, retracting momentarily. Frowning, the brunette reached out again, this time much quicker, and plucked the cub off the ground.

The cub yowled angrily, scratching at her arms. Trying to ignore the pain, Ella held it tighter, rocking back and forth gently while she hummed a comforting tune.

Eventually, the cub calmed down, and looked at her with big brown eyes. "That's a good boy. No scratching." Ella murmured, scratching him behind the ear. "I think I'll call you... Toraki. Cause you have the spirit of a tiger." Toraki yowled, and snuggled closer to her.

After a bit more scratching and petting, Ella turns back around, and heads towards the exit. Once back in the city, she sees chaos.

All the zoo animals were running wild, bathing in fountains and rampaging through malls. Several cheetahs seemed to figure out what the road was used for, and were racing along it. A fairly large bear-not the same one from earlier-seemed to be doing the same. Toraki squealed in a cat-like way, (well he is still a cub) and jumped out of Ella's arms, chasing after the bear in what looked like an attempt to race it.

Ella calls after him, but to no avail...

Yes, Toraki does mean tiger spirit.


ki=spirit; soul; tree; feeling; intention; inclination (In this case, I used spirit/soul)

Sorry if this 1st chapter was short, the next one will definitely be longer. :P