As Toraki races up next to the large bear, it begins to claw at him. Angered, the lion cub becomes a large, mutant lion, and attacks the bear. Ella, who had begun chasing after the cub, stops in her tracks, frozen in shock. She did not expect that.

Within minutes, the large bear that could have surely smashed the small cub with its paw was now shredded to pieces, and Toraki-small version now-comes bounding back up to the brunette, two bear paws in his mouth. He stared up happily and with what looked like adoration, as if saying, "Here, these are for you!"

After another minute of staring at the little lion cub, Ella takes the bear paws. If Toraki wants her to have them, she'll take them. With some difficulty, she manages to put them on, kind of like gloves.

Within the next hour, they claw through several mutant penguins, walking fish, and flying pandas. Ella was left in shock staring at quite a few things, taking pictures with a spare camera she found when she thought it was safe, and watched as Toraki had some of the mutant fish for lunch. That reminded her. She was getting hungry too.

Luckily, there was a gift shop nearby, and as soon as Toraki was done with his meal, they waltzed in, where a giant monkey squatted with its back to them. It whirled around quickly at the sound of their footsteps, hissing and baring its large fangs.

It lunged, and Ella just managed to dive out of the way as claws grazed her shoulder. The monkey did not pause in its attack, quickly turning and charging towards her. She managed to block the teeth using one of her bear paws, earning more than a few bruises and cuts in the process, when a big fury of fur launches itself into the monkey's side, knocking both to the ground. Toraki tears into the skin of the screeching animal beneath him, and Ella turns away as he snacks.

After he was done, the lion cub turned small again, yowling as if to tell Ella. Avoiding the mess of bones on the ground, Ella looks around, grabbing a bag of chips and a sandwich. They had lunch on the rooftop, as a precaution.

Ella wolfs down her food, just realizing how hungry she really was. As she and Toraki sat on the rooftop watching the sunset, she sees a someone down below being chased by a large falcon. She quickly takes action, using the bear paws and Toraki's help to scale down the wall.

Jumping in between the two, the brunette holds off the falcon, lunging at it as it flapped its wings, talons raised defensively. Toraki, in his large form, grabs the boy by the shirt, bringing him back up to the roof. The boy is screaming his head off as Toraki jumps up to the roof.

"The falcon's my pet!" He finally shouts, and Ella looks at the falcon with her mouth open in surprise, stopping her attack.


The falcon flies up to the boy-meanwhile turning into a smaller form-and perches on his arm, where it begins to glow. The boy obviously has some sort of healing power. Now that the excitement has settled down, Ella can get a good look at his appearance.

He had short, dark brown hair roughly the same color as the falcon's wings, which ruffled in the breeze. Dark, forest green eyes watched as Ella hauled herself back onto the roof, the glow around the falcon fading.

After they both sit, the boy sighs and explains. "I'm Jake. My falcon Swifty and I were getting some exercise in by running. He wasn't chasing or attacking me, he was following me." An uncomfortable silence falls over the two of them, and they break into a fit of laughter, before awkwardly falling asleep on the roof from exhaustion.

The next morning, Ella wakes up to a familiar growling. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she looks to her right, where Toraki was in his larger, angry mode. Startled, her hand slips and she goes rolling off the rooftop.

Several nearby mutant hogs come running towards her as she gets up, her bear paws left on the roof. Toraki snarls, leaping down on top of one, ripping it to pieces. The sound of the struggle wakes up Jake, who peers down at the two, before jumping down, Swifty slowing his fall. He helps Ella back up as his falcon does to another hog what Toraki was doing.

They leave the two animals to their meal, and head into the gift shop for something to eat. They were getting pretty hungry.

After eating and letting the food settle in their stomachs, Jake and Ella decide to set off. Ella recently learned how to get Toraki in his larger mode without getting him angry. It seems that Jake can do the same with his falcon, who he affectionately called Swifty.

After about an hour on the road, Jake gets knocked out of the sky, both human and bird spiraling to the ground. At around the same time, a large rhino tackles the brunette and her tiger. Nearby are a boy and girl, to whom which the rhino and toucan return to.

The two seemed related, likely siblings. The girl had scarlet red hair that spilled over her shoulder, and green eyes with a touch of blue. The boy had the same eyes, and his hair a sort of strawberry-blond.

The girl ordered something, and her toucan screeched, the attack threatening to burst their eardrums if it hit them. Toraki-who Ella was riding on at the time-managed to avoid the attack by a few inches, jumping out of the way just in time. Moving quickly, the two head over to Jake, who assures them that he's alright. The rhino charges again, and the lion cub fends it off, while Swifty takes to the skies again after the toucan.

After helping Jake up, the brunette turned to their attackers. "Why are you attacking us?!" She shouts, slightly angered.

"We're part of an organization called Contrabando. A smuggling organization, if you must know." The girl replies, smirking. At that moment, something hits Ella-hard-and everything goes black.

When she next opens her eyes, she sees wood. Next to her are Toraki, Swifty, and Jake, all of which are awake. Upon looking around some, they seem to be in the cargo of a big rig. The nearby door seems easy to open, but none of them are sure of where they are or how long they've been in the cargo.

Deciding that just sitting around wasn't getting them anywhere, Ella decides to slowly and carefully ease open the door and take a look outside, just to see where they were at the very least.

She sees several trees passing by at a decently quick pace, overgrown grass that disappears in a blur, and a bumpy, though continuous dirt road. She turns back and tells the others, and she and Jake both assume that they're in a forest of sorts, at which Toraki yowls in agreement. They're almost positive-by the dirt road and the bumps-that they're in a truck of some kind.

With a nod from Jake and the determination shining in the animal's eyes, Ella quietly opens the door again, this time climbing out and up onto the top of the cargo with Toraki, looking around for anything dangerous. Behind them is the front of the truck, where she can see the backs of the boy and girl. Siting them, she motions for Jake to join her above, and together they slowly creep towards the front of the truck.

The toucan suddenly swivels its head to face them, letting out loud screeches repeatedly, alerting its owner. They leap into action just as the strangers turn around in surprise, both lion and falcon keeping the animals at bay while the two friends leap for the other two. After a short wrestling match, both Jake and Ella successfully hijack the truck.

However, the boy and girl weren't done yet, and all four of them begin struggling for the wheel, when the car swerves off the road, and towards a tree. The crash leaves them all momentarily stunned, though not seriously injured. You and Jake manage to stumble out of the car, when a teenager-slightly older than them-rushes out of the forest with a cheetah in an attack...